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Merging VOB Files

Do you guys recommend any particular program to merge VOB files? I have used a couple of programs but when I import the merged file into Sony Movie Studio, the height and width of the picture has been altered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can use Append in MKVToolnix. That doesn't re-encode, so the height and width won't change.
You can also Append in AviDemux. Set video and audio to "copy" for pass-through.
You can probably use DVD Shrink. Open the folder containing the files and export the project with the DVD9 setting (so as to avoid shrinking the files). There is an option within DVD Shrink to either split the video files into 1 GB chunks or leave them in one piece. Simply uncheck the setting to split the files.
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I usualy use MakeMKV to extract an .mkv file from the DVD or the bluray
MakeMKV is free in beta version for years now. Each couple of months they change the key password. You can find it here
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Thank you guys!
DGIndex extracts and joins a/v streams from VOBs into m2v/ac3 files without re-encoding.
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