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My Year with Godzilla
(01-01-2020, 06:28 PM)ray Wrote:
(04-16-2019, 10:23 AM)Garp Wrote: Week 16: 'The War of the Gargantuas' [1966]

...The highlight - as it is so bizarre - is the musical number sung in English, a horrendous yet catchy Burt Bacharach-like song called "The words get stuck in my throat". It's almost worth seeing this film just to hear it.

Bonus trivia!
Devo used to end their shows with this song.
Brad Pitt has listed this as his favorite film.

I remember seeing it on a Scooby-Doo show, too. It gets stuck in your head, as well - it is very catchy.
It's not the years, it's the mileage.
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BONUS: 'Space Battleship Yamato' [2010]
Is Godzilla in it? No. Godzilla connection: Battleship Yamato features in the kaiju film 'Deep Sea Monster Reigo'
Sub or Dub: Feeling lazy so dub

I took a brief wander back into pseudo-kaiju territory last night and watched 'Space Battleship Yamato', a live-action film from the large Yamato franchise (of which I have seen little). Earth has become inhabitable and the world's population are sheltering underground. Aliens are attacking, intent on making our home their own. Other aliens claim to be able to provide us with a device to eradicate the radiation and save Earth, so long as we can hop over to their planet and pick it up. The old Space Battleship Yamato is pressed back into service, with its ragtag crew.

First off, the CGI is rather impressive in this film, the alien spaceships particularly, and the battle scenes are very well done. It doesn't rival bigger-budgeted Hollywood fare, but it's certainly watchable. The plot is far from original and there are several well-worn tropes on show - the I-hate-you/I-can't live-without-you love interest, the cocky hero with a grudge, the captain's last mission, etc. It also lacks a much needed light touch - it is very earnest throughout, and several scenes drag on too long and wallow in melodrama. In fact, at 137 mins, it's overlong in general, I'd argue.

However, it is entertaining. The film does a good job characterizing each crew member, giving it a 'Star Trek' feel, which is necessary as almost the whole film is based onboard. It ends with the obligatory soft rock ballad (sung by Steven Tyler), by which time it had won me over and I didn't even cringe. I'm tempted to seek out the anime, although it seems that's a project all on its own.
It's not the years, it's the mileage.
I'm writing a book! Check out my progress at Good Morning, Page or on Facebook or Twitter
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All I know about Yamato is that one of the animated movies for it is the longest animated movie of all time. I've been tempted to watch the show just so that I could watch that long movie.
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Garp, thought you and others might like this latest little effort from Godzilla:King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty -


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