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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode I: Army Of The Republic:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode I: Army Of The Republic:

Smudger9 has engaged in a monumental effort with their cuts of 'The Clone Wars' and it's quite remarkable just how much effort they have put into making these movie cuts from the TV series. A TV series I have to say, I was never a fan of, despite trying to get into the show several times and failing.

But the editor here has sliced out much of the show's most awful moments and therefore made for a far more enjoyable viewing experience. It's also a more "adult" experience too, in that a lot of the overly "kid friendly" elements have been eliminated. Unfortunately, annoying characters like kid Ahsoka and kid Boba are still present. But, there's nothing that Smudger9 can really do about that. Although, using some judicious cuts, they are less irritating here than they were in the TV show. I still just want to slap Boba though. And those "roger roger" droids still have the capacity to make me want to murder, despite them being heavily truncated.

My particular problem is not with Smudger9's version of 'The Clone Wars'. It's with 'The Clone Wars' itself. It just wasn't a very interesting show, had a tendency to ramble terribly and, unfortunately, some of that poorness comes through. Don't get me wrong, Smudger9 has made a very watchable and enjoyable cut here. But the problems are ingrained in the show itself.

It's usually accepted that 'The Clone Wars' didn't get good until Series 3. Although I was question if it was ever truly good and as of Smudger9's Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side, we've just got to Series 4 of the original show. So, the editor still has a bit of work to do, turning a generally poor show into a watchable one.

In spite of my criticisms of 'The Clone Wars' itself, I can highly recommend Smudger9's cuts. It's a great effort and well worth checking out. In fact, I'd recommend avoiding the TV series altogether and just watch Smudger9's far better versions.


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