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Amazon Prime Video as source?
This may seem an odd question, but I'm trying to find out if it's possible to use videos purchase on the Amazon Prime Video platform as source for edits.

I haven't been able to find anything useful on this topic in my searches so far (which have mainly suggested the unpalatable approach of "play the videostream at fullscreen in your browser, and run a screencapture tool"), and am trying to determine whether this is a feasible approach for me when it comes to frugal but legitimate source acquisition.
(10-08-2018, 04:31 AM)That One Guy Wrote: "play the videostream at fullscreen in your browser, and run a screencapture tool"

As per our rules, this approach is not allowed. Due to the nature of digital copies, the only real viable solution is to use iTunes and a DMR removal tool. If you have further questions regarding our own the source rule please contact a staff member via PM.
Sorry, I should have been clearer in my first post - I am 100% in agreement with the rules re: screenscraping for sources, and it wasn't my intention to suggest otherwise.

My question is rather whether there is any alternative method (e.g. a local download on an Android device or something like that) that would allow practical use of a purchased video on the Amazon Prime Video platform as a source file. Thus far my conclusion is that APV is a non-starter for use as a source file, but if I do find an approach which works out and fits the rules I'll post in this thread.
I believe you can download Amazon and GP videos, but I'm not sure what they download as or if they are accessible to windows computers.

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