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Adam Dens Wins August 2018 FEOTM
This is the discussion thread for Adam Dens Wins August 2018 FEOTM. Post away!

This month's Favorite Edit of the Month comes from first time faneditor Adam Dens.

A new edit of The Hobbit, two years in the making, inspired by the original two-film script. The first film, The Gathering of the Clouds, tells the story of Bilbo, who is whisked away on an adventure to save the homeland of a band of thirteen dwarves by Gandalf the wizard. During his travels Bilbo discovers his own resourcefulness and courage, as a plot unfolds that might affect all the lands of Middle-Earth.

The second film, There and Back Again, sees Bilbo and his companions tested as their adventure takes an unwelcome turn. Their quest becomes entangled in a battle for the fate of Middle-Earth. And yet, the greatest dangers may lie within. This high quality edit provides a more focused telling of the classic story, with completely restructured and even partially rewritten plot lines. It is heavily inspired by Tolkien lore. Each film has a clear beginning, middle, and end, both in plot lines and character arcs. The tone is more similar to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and it's color correction has been completely redone to create a visually consistent, five part saga.

Congratulations to Adam Dens on his win!

The Hobbit on IMDB
The Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure on IFDB
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Congratulations Mr Adam Dens - I still haven't managed to watch your edit but will do as soon as I find the time. I knew my Mars edit wouldn't stand a chance of FEOTM once this was released Big Grin pssss Did I get any votes Tongue
In the Works - Age of Adaline - Miss Larson edit
This really means a lot to me, thanks so much to everyone who voted, and thanks everyone for the kind reactions! It's an honor!

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