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The Mandalorian (2019)
(10-29-2019, 08:46 AM)subjectzero Wrote:
(10-29-2019, 01:10 AM)hbenthow Wrote:
(10-29-2019, 12:12 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: I’m not sure about the use of carbonite as that seems to be simply a callback that doesn’t have a basis in story since it wasn’t really used by Boba Fett but was more of a necessary evil to test it by the Empire.

Considering that the test was a success, maybe carbonite fell into wider use afterward. It's a very effective way to transport prisoners (no risk of escape, no need to feed them, etc).

This is my head-canon for the reason, as well. It's a bit fan-service-y but I'll let it go for now until I watch the actual show.

While I can kind of twist that into a plausible narrative, like TM2YC, I feel it is merely a bad sign. Something that says “hey look, Boba Fett had a bounty in carbonite and our Mandalorian bounty hunter does too!” As much as I feel TLJ didn’t really execute very well, I’d much rather have an original story that is less than perfect than a fan servicey story that may make some fans cheer(at least in the short term) like TFA.
in the spirit of a youtube comment - werner herzog got me here.

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Watched the first episode. My favorite part was probably IG-11. The aliens looked great and this one wreaked of nostalgia, especially that of the Holiday Special Boba Fett short. There were perhaps a little too many "hey remember seeing this/these" moments for my personal taste, but it definitely felt like it was in the same universe as the other movies. My initial picture of the main character was drastically changed after the first episode and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the story pans out. It's a shame that Disney isn't releasing the entire series at once. I get that they want you to stay, but honestly after encountering a couple "coming in (month) 2021" moments with other movies that show up in the feed, but can't be seen yet....I'm probably not going to be sticking around for more than a binge month at a time. By then hopefully this will be out on Blu Ray and I can just buy the series instead. I prefer physical media anyway as it is superior to the streaming limitations of size. Anyway, back to the main topic. Here's how I'd rate episode 1.

Visuals: 8 - There were moments where this could have been Firefly or Star Trek which felt a bit odd, but satisfying at the same time. The locations were a bit drab, but hopefully that will change. I'll be honest, I don't really care for the Mandalorian look, especially this Mandalorian, and the ship just doesn't have that wow factor like the U-Wing in Rogue One. Perhaps that will change as I get more used to the look. IG-11 however looked fantastic and was the highlight of the episode for me. His movements and dialogue were spot on and brought the Star Wars into this space western. 
Narrative: 6.5 - Basic bounty hunter tale with lots of things that don't make sense at this moment. Nothing really to invest in yet.

I'm holding out until Friday to see what the new episode brings to see if I'll stick around for another month.
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I risked popping into this thread briefly out of curiousity. Smile  

It was interesting to see your initial thoughts on the first episode Dig, and I was lucky you kept things reasonably vague.  I won't be dipping into this thread again until next year, due to trying to avoid major spoilers...as DISNEY+ isn't available here in the U.K. until the end of March next year!  Dodgy

However, having now found out something I wanted to know about the show, I've already got a tiny, simple tweak in mind, which I'd like to see. Tongue  -  

It seems that while the show initially opens with the silver LUCASFILM logo, there's no sign of this iconic wording afterwards...so I'd definately want to add it to the beginning of the first episode for myself eventually, for a bit more Star Warsy scene-setting.  Big Grin 
[Image: starwars1-movie-screencaps.com-1.jpg?strip=all]

Looking forward to checking the show out when we eventually get it.

( by the way, just a reminder to others that wish to hide certain 'spoilers' here, that you just have to add [  spoiler  ] (but with no  spaces)  to the beginning of your comments, and then [  /spoiler  ] (but with no spaces)  to the end of them also, before you hit 'Post Reply' - although I strongly recommend hitting the 'Preview Post' button first just to check! )


I really disliked 70% of the score...yes we know Lucasfilm are going for the western vibe but the music was too much its more Battlestar Galactica remake sounding than Star Wars. i mean it sounds great but just not Star Wars enough. The soundtrack really didn't have the right fit... The first episode looks great although i felt some of the CGI was a bit dodgy and as a first generation OT fan i loved some of the callbacks but The blue alien at the beginning was rather annoying...i personally dont need toilet humour in SW....other than that a good solid start.

I'm hoping this gets a physical media release so some of us can get our editing chops around it...i somehow think it won't as it is a way of Disney keeping subscribers.
Would maintaining a subscription count as “owning the source”?
I liked the music very much
(11-13-2019, 11:51 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: Would maintaining a subscription count as “owning the source”?

No, if the rule is interpreted the same way for this as it is for content exclusive to other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.
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I was skeptical in the beginning but by the end I was hooked. All in all Favreau did a good job and I'm looking forward to where this is going next (especially the episode Taika Waititi is directing).

First impressions:

+ Those practical effects
+ Sci-Fi Western look
+ Humor (interactions with IG-11)
+ Nobody is related to the Skywalkers (yet)
+ Story is heading into a promising direction

- The music (good for any other Sci-Fi series but come on... that's not Star Wars)
- CGI looked like a (well made) fan film at times 
- The Mythrol ruined the otherwise really good intro
- The flashback sequence could have been better executed (or left out completely)
- Not much to look at scenery wise
(11-13-2019, 11:51 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: Would maintaining a subscription count as “owning the source”?

The Own the Source rule is available here. Please direct any questions regarding this rule to staff via PM. Thanks!

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