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Captain Marvel 2019

Trailer's out! I think it looks great.
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I'm not sure having two characters with CGI de-aging face for a whole movie is a good idea. It could get really distracting if the quality control is stretched thin.
This looks awesome! Brie Larson's a great actress, I'm really happy their using practical suits for the skrulls and not CGI, I'm hoping the returning characters from Guardians of the Galaxy are given good characterisation this time and seeing Coulson come back on the big screen is guaranteed to make me happy (I'm a big fan of Agents of Shield), and this makes me more excited then ever for Avengers 4! I'm personally hoping that Melinda May from Agents of Shield makes a cameo so that we get to see how she and Coulson met (but I doubt it, since Marvel studios (the movie division) and Marvel Entertainment (the TV division) don't get along).
I like Brie Larson a lot. Short Term 12 is one of my favorite movies of the decade. But I have no idea what to make of that trailer. I’m assuming it all makes sense to a fan of the franchise. Given the opening of that trailer, I’m assuming it’s set in the past... or in Bend, Oregon.
First impression of the trailer:


Ehh.. I'll watch it, I guess... Tongue
I have mixed feelings.


- The 1990s setting is a nice touch.

- Seeing Nick Fury and Phil Coulson in their younger days should be neat. I always get a kick out of this type of digital de-aging technology (when done well). The first movie to feature a digitally de-aged protagonist for its entire runtime can't get here soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.

- Jude Law is almost always great, and now the MCU officially has two Sherlock Holmes actors (Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch) and both of their Watsons (Jude Law and Martin Freeman).

- The Captain Marvel costume is beautifully designed.

- It's nice that we're finally getting to see the Skrulls.


- I don't like how young this Carol Danvers is. In the comics, Carol was an experienced Air Force officer in her mid-to late 30s or possibly early 40s when she became Ms. Marvel, and also in the later comics when she became Captain Marvel. Having her be in her 20s changes her entire personality and outlook on life, essentially rendering her a whole new character. I think that they've said that this is because she's supposed to be one of the main faces of the MCU for many years to come, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Chadwick Boseman are also part of the "new guard" and they got cast when they were in their 40s. I think that Katheryn Winnick and Charlize Theron (both much older than Brie Larson) were the best actresses for the role by far.

- I don't like how they're handling Monica Rambeau. I was initially confused when I read that Carol would have a friend (also an Air Force pilot) named Maria Rambeau. I thought, "That's weird, why did they change it from Monica to Maria?" But upon reading further, I found that Maria Rambeau is a single mother to an unnamed daughter (who will obviously be named Monica). In the comics, Monica Rambeau was Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers, so making her a little girl when Carol becomes Captain Marvel is an odd choice. That's forgivable, though. Some things change in the MCU. But the worst aspect of this change is not that it is a change from the comics, but that it is that is big verisimilitude gaffe. For Maria Rambeau to be a single parent and an Air Force pilot is impossible. Those two things are antithetical. The Air Force does not allow single parents to be pilots.

US Military Enlistment Standards for Single Parents

- I'm not optimistic about Brie Larson's performance. Yes, she's an Oscar-winning actress, but the role that she won for was that of a miserable, stressed-out mother in desperate circumstances. To paraphrase a well-known metaphor, she has proven that she can play a great apple, but can she play an orange well? As many people have pointed out, her face in most of the shots of the "Captain Marvel" trailer and the Entertainment Weekly photos seems frozen in the same bored/irritable expression that she had throughout "Kong: Skull Island" (the only movie in which she has played a remotely Carol Danvers-like character so far, and in which she was quite bland). Carol Danvers is supposed to have a dashing, swashbuckling personality (sort of like of a female version of Errol Flynn), and I just can't imagine Brie Larson pulling that off based on what I've seen of her in this type of movie before and the currently-released marketing material. She may have great dramatic acting chops, but I've never seen her display the type of charisma that an action heroine needs. Hopefully she proves me wrong.

Exhibit A:

[Image: 3484787-6045206684-Capta.jpg]

Exhibit B:

[Image: DmV5reGXoAAjtTwa-800x621.jpg]
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(09-21-2018, 07:02 PM)hbenthow Wrote: I have mixed feelings.

I understand the concern about her age and Monica Rambeau's age. But if the film takes place twenty years ago and her next appearance is in the present (Avengers 4, presumably), that puts Monica Rambeau in her mid to late twenties and Danvers in her forties by the time Fury sends the page in Infinity War.

There may be hope yet for you to see the Carol you know from the comics. But it'll probably be the sequel.
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(09-21-2018, 07:02 PM)hbenthow Wrote: - The Captain Marvel costume is beautifully designed.

Almost. I'm not keen on the way they wrecked the main graphic element on the design. The gold ribbon. Plus I like the dress uniform style sharp collar of the original more. A rough shop of what I mean:

[Image: 43926457235_c376dde4e7_c.jpg]
My dream casting for this was Amy Poehler:

[Image: tumblr_npr778NNgR1s29x8lo1_500.jpg]

Yeah... I'd be a terrible casting director...
They've released a second trailer:

For now it's a "meh" for me, I'm not sure what to say about it. However, as Marvel has continuously done, I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

As someone who knows absolutely nothing about the source material, I'm interested to see what Marvel is gonna introduce a character that if she's going to be the one to defeat Thanos a movie later in Avengers 4.

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