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Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif:
Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif:

This is a pretty radical idea. Basically cutting out almost all the character work and focusing on the movie's strength, while adding some OT Star Wars flair to it. I respect the idea tremendously and eldusto succeeds at his goal. The editing is very well done. The new audio is mixed very well (I had to watch with a less than ideal sound setup but it sounded pretty great to me. The tricky part for me is the narrative and enjoyment. It's a lot of fun to rewatch Rogue One this way. Especially in a marathon, it's fantastic. But I am missing out on the actual characters a lot. I really missed out on some Jyn stuff, K2SO, Baze and Chirrut in particular. However, losing out on Bodhi, Cassian's weird conflicting character beats, everything with Saw and Jyn's passivity to the story were pluses. Overall I landed on 8 because this is very enjoyable and a great way for a quick rewatch. Interesting idea very well-executed.


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