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Batman v Superman: No Justice:
Batman v Superman: No Justice:

Growing up I had only a passing affiliation with comic books. However, even before the recent(ish) superhero movie explosion, characters like Superman and Batman were iconic characters of pop culture, transcending their comic book origins. Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman showed how comic book characters could work effectively onscreen by giving them a “grounded” aspect (Batman ‘89 in particular I loved). What filmmakers have done now – such as Zak Snyder with his needlessly overstuffed and overlong Batman V Superman – has trashed this approach in favour of overblown fantasy and headache-inducing CGI.

Enter Batman V Superman: No Justice. This fantastic, technically impeccable edit doesn’t just strip away what I disliked about the theatrical cut, it rends it limb-from-limb and condemns it to the Phantom Zone. The “No Justice” tag is a clever play on words that describes both Batman’s motivation and the faneditor’s goal: no Justice League set-up, no “universe” building, no Doomsday (sadly there is none of the lovely Gal Gadot either, a necessary sacrifice to achieve the goal of this edit). It also mercifully truncates Lex Luthor’s annoyingness (is that a word?) as much as possible. The edit focuses on the two titular characters, with Lex merely acting as the puppeteer behind the scenes. It essentially becomes a standalone movie with no links to any other film in the DCEU; and while I still feel Synder's grim tone and unenergetic performances from the central cast will bog down any faneditor's interpretation of the material, this fanedit is the best representation this movie is ever likely to receive.

It presents a startlingly different version of the film and is wholly recommended for fans of the more realistic tone of Chris Nolan’s Batman movies (and to a lesser extent Synder’s own Man of Steel). The only caveat is that fans of Superman may have issues with this cut. While I thought that Superman was poorly represented by Synder throughout most of the theatrical cut anyway, he does have a redemptive moment at the end by defeating Doomsday – for obvious reasons this is no longer present in this cut. As such I think fans of the Dark Knight will probably enjoy this edit more – particularly as with clever editing it almost entirely removes the heinous decision by Synder to turn Batman into a murdering psychopath in this movie.

10 out of 10, would watch again!


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