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Fanedit of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, A:
Fanedit of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, A:

Halloween has always been my favorite horror franchise, and frankly, H20 is probably my favorite in the series (behind the first film). That being said, I have always had some issues with it, thanks to the mostly temp track score and lack of halloween "mood". Thankfully, The Butcher has fixed both of these issues. By inserting some halloween-themed shots from other films and giving the film a more autumnal color grade. The Ottman score is a massive improvement over the Beltrami mash-up in the theatrical version, but it is certainly a "big" score so be aware. Another really cool addition is the selection of deleted scenes, there are some nice tension building moments as well as great character ones. Overall, I highly recommend this edit to fans of Halloween. I'm looking forward to the HD version on the horizon.


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