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Justice League Reborn:
Justice League Reborn:

Before I begin; this is much better than the theatrical version of Justice League. I do recommend this if you want a better version.

The audio sounded fine, no unusual pops or jarring cracks from editing. Not many anyway. A few bits of cut dialog sounded odd, but I can't describe it. For instance, near the beginning of the movie, when Alfred tells Batman he "doesn't recognize this world", I'm fairly sure a line was removed, which leads a jarring sentence "Ah yes, we have his address" or something of the sort. It didn't flow well. Small things like this, nothing that took away my enjoyment, and nothing a quick touch-up wouldn't fix.

The visual editing is much better, none of the scenes stood out to me. There were a few times where it was obvious the scene was meant to be longer, or a shot was meant to hang a little longer than it was in this cut, but again, it wasn't something that lowered my enjoyment at all. Overall, for a first edit, this was very well made.

The narrative is still fine. On paper, the story works and is unique enough from other superhero flicks that it engages you and makes you overlook the cheap CG and the tired acting of Affleck and Momoa. Overall, the editor did not tamper too much with it, and that is a big kudos. Too many people feel like they need to change around the entire story, and it shows restraint when you can manage to streamline it instead.

Enjoyment is going to be lower (as I suspect with a lot of later reviews), for the simple fact that no edit can change this much disappointment. A poor follow-up to Batman v Superman: Ultimate Cut, and 2017's Wonder Woman film. But, the editor has succeeded in making a version I can honestly say was better than the original. Unfortunately I feel like there was a lot that could have been trimmed from this still to make it truly Reborn.

I 100% recommend this if you have or have not seen Justice League already, no matter what faults I had with the edit.

QUICK UPDATE: I incorrectly marked A/V quality as 7. I meant to have that as a 9 and have edited accordingly. Movie looked great!


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