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Lapis Molari Wins June 2018 FEOTM Runoff
This is the discussion thread for Lapis Molari Wins June 2018 FEOTM Runoff. Post away!

For the second month in a row, a Back to the Future edit has won Favorite Edit of the Month. June\'s poll resulted in a three-way-tie forcing an additional 7-day poll. Of the three edits Lapis Molari has won his first FEOTM award with his edit of Back to the Future 2: Biff Changes Time.

"The primary goal is to make Back to the Future Part 2 less convoluted, a tighter narrative with a few less twists help the viewer stay in the movie. The secondary goal is to trim Back to the Future Part 2 and 3 for back-to-back viewing that clocks in under three hours. They\'re not merged because so much happens in Part 2, that it\'s more enjoyable to have a short break before jumping into Part 3."

Congratulations to Lapis Molari on his win!
Congrats lapis molarivery much a deserved win! Smile

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