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Shazam: Origin:
Shazam: Origin:

This was a true treat watch.

Easily one of the best (if not THEE BEST) cliffhanger serials ever made, our intrepid editor Billy Batson (hhmmm, any relation? lol) has crafted a fun 2 hour popcorn romp. Compared to his similar styled Flash Gordon fan edit, I found this one flowed much better. Even though still episodic in nature due to the source material, it feels more like a unified narrative with a definite beginning, middle and end.

A few audio pops and hiccups and a couple of cuts I would have done differently, but considering the immense challenge of distilling over 200 minutes down to 2 hours, I think he did a spectacular job!

The grump old fanboy in me wishes he kept the title CAPTAIN MARVEL ORIGIN instead of Shazam.... LOL!

But if you love old serial adventures, or are curious about the Big Red Cheese before the new move is released, I highly recommend checking this little gem out.



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