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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Legendary:
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Legendary:

Well the hints in its title Legendary this fanedit definitely is. On their own these amendments might not sound like much but all together makes all the difference to the end product. I got what the movie was trying to saying in the theatre and can appreciate the film because of that which is best said by Yoda:
"Luke, we are what they grow beyond" and Lukes: "Its time for the Jedi, to end." quotes after all what are Jedi at the end of the day a group of religious force sensitive individuals so why not consider a new group of force sensitive people and in turn open up that all to familiar galaxy far, far away.

With that in mind this fanedit strengthens this core message by tightening the story eg perfectly removing the unnecessary Canto Bight chase scene and cutting small scenes or quotes which leaves you concentrating more on characters motives. Adding deleted scenes like Luke morning the loss of Han is a must to have here but my only problem is the omission of the other deleted scene, the third lesson were Luke shows Ray that the Jedi’s ways are ultimately floored as rushing to helping the caretakers is not the Jedi’s way. I can understand why this scene was not added back as Hals removed all scenes with caretakers to show Luke was truly on his own on the island but adding that third lesson would of paid off better with the stories flow even if it meant keeping the other few scenes with the caretakers in the film.

Overall this fanedits achieved what it set out to do by strengthening the original story and making that force sensitive broom boy scene at the end make more sense ;]

Well done Hal


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