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After the surprise success of Split, the sequel Glass is coming out next year. The trailer looks incredible, and after almost 20 years, we'll finally see the Eastrail 177 Trilogy (Unbreakable, Split and Glass) be completed. As excited as I am for all the MCU and Worlds of DC films coming out next year, I'm probably the most excited for Glass, as it could be the most unique superhero movie in years. 

Yeah, it looks great to me.
Not sure I'll watch more trailers after this one though.
I'm already ready to wait till january without anything more. Smile
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I'll take Unbreakable and Split over any DC/Marvel/Fox-men movie.

Let's hope Glass lives up.
I'm looking forward to it.
(08-06-2018, 01:35 PM)Q2 Wrote: I'm looking forward to it.

As you should be!
My concern about GLASS is Bruce Willis....

I don't know what has happened to him, but he has been sleeping walking through most roles the past 10 years, with most of his work going straight to dvd/streaming.  Where is the charm and charisma that made him so likeable?  Where is that Everyman Quality that made him relatable?  Hell, where is his heartbeat?  LOL.  Seriously, he looks so bored in all his recent movies.

I really hope this movie brings him back to form and reinvigorates his career.
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It's probably a combination of being a veteran actor, and not really caring about the scripts that people are throwing at him. Looper was crap, but he was good ol' Willis in that, and that was only 6 years ago.

Look at Morgan Freeman in London has Fallen or Michael Douglas in Ant-man 1/2. When you get that old, you can show up on set and do whatever you like, what producer is gonna bark at you? Who is gonna call out legendary actors for showing up full of Valium?

Willis and Shyamalan have very good chemistry though, and personally I think Willis' performance in 6th Sense is the only thing holding it back from being mediocre. I have high hopes. Cautiously optimistic you could say.
He’s doing a lot of ads in Italy, and as is known that brings more money than a film does.  That could be influencing, among other things.
I'm curious to hear from anyone else who has seen this!

Despite a lot of the negative criticisms it received, I really like it a lot.  All the twists and turns I was fine with, but one major thing was a HUGE bummer and that is

David's death.  It's not that he died or that he died unceremoniously, but it just felt kind of cheap and pointless in the way he was executed.

I actually have a couple of little ideas I'd like to share in a FanEdit Ideas thread, but all in all it was a nice way to tie up the trilogy and I can see how parts are polarizing to audience members.  I knew going in that it would be a slow burn and I was fine with that.  Bruce Willis was 100% underutilized and has very little dialogue which I read somewhere on reddit a rumor that he's got early stages of alzheimers, though I haven't confirmed that with a more credible source.

The GOOD: Awesome seeing the trio together, even if it is somewhat limited.  McAvoy is AMAZING!

The BAD: My only gripe is what I mentioned in the spoiler tag.  Otherwise, there wasn't really anything bad about it

The DISAPPOINTING: Not enough use of the Unbreakable music and a little too much Dunkirk-ticking going on in the score.

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Never heard about alzheimer’s for Willis.  That would be terrible news for the man.  I’d be sorry. 

I’m glad you liked it.  Unbreakable is probably one of my favourite movies, and I can’t wait to see Glass, even though some of the recent reviews have sort of put me off. 
And: I accidently opened the spoiler tag which is bad.

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