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DC's Shazam
In the new continuity, Billy lives with a foster family who have five other foster children: Freddy, Mary, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro. Billy transforms them all into the Shazam family by saying the magic word. After the transformation, Pedro asks if they are “Shazams” now, and Billy says that he thinks so. 

The new continuity has appeared in a limited series so far, so I’m not sure how the rules for the family will play out. A continuing series is scheduled to start in November, so maybe we’ll learn more later.
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Wow, I really have turned into a grumpy old fanboy.   Big Grin Tongue
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Another soulless remake.  The original version starring Sinbad was fine the way it was.
Second trailer....

Looks fun!

Happily the trailer is mostly spoiler free, keeping the actual plot very vague.
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Saw the early preview on Saturday.

I had a blast with the movie. The bad guy was better than most, but not perfect. The bad guy has some spotty CGI related to his powers, but that is almost where my complaints end.
Reviews are rolling in and they are mostly very positive....

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LOVED it!  Origin stories are hard to do in a post-Avengers world, but this was a great ride from start to finish.  This movie, along with Aquaman and WW1984 will certainly put DC on a better path with future releases.

There's a mid-credits and post-credits scene, so stay after the movie ends.

The mid-credits scene is the setup for a sequel while the post-credits scene is just for fun.
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Just returned from seeing Captain Marvel.... er, umm, I mean SHAZAM! (I don't know if I will ever adapt lol), and my thoughts on the movie are quite conflicted.  I am definitely harder on DC movies than Marvel, since I have a stronger emotional connection to DC lore.  And the original Fawcett Captain Marvel in particular is a fundamental building block of my childhood, so it is difficult for me to judge this movie on it's own merits and what I wanted out of it.

And let me be honest, there is a vast chasm between the movie I wanted and the movie I got.

I wanted less Geoff Johns and more Otto Binder.  I wanted more whimsy.  I wanted more fantasy.  I wanted talking rabbits and tigers, oh my.... The first post credit scene; now that is the movie I wanted to see!

This is visually a very grounded movie.  So don't go in expecting Aquaman-style visuals or colours.  The movie is set at Christmas time, and yet, the cinematography palette is dull, sullied and lifeless.  It looks like the last shackles of the Snyder vision.

The tone of the movie is odd in many places.  This is clearly a movie aimed at a younger audience, but I was surprised by some of the graphic violence and the ongoing negative Santa gag.... 

The villains.... I will be blunt, I did not like the reimagining of Dr. Sivana at all.  It was just too Lex Luthor.  Plus, I think it might be time for Mark Strong to retire from playing villains, as I found him completely one note and shockingly dull, bringing nothing new or fresh to his performance.  And then there are the Seven Deadly Sins... the first strike against them they are CGI monsters, but the biggest sin (get it? see what I did there?) is they have zero individual personality.  I mean it is sooooo obvious, each Sin's name should have opened the door to some creative gags and moments.... but they are nothing more than completely inter changeable killing machines.  Such a lost opportunity.

The Shazam suit.... I was hoping the trailers were misleading me... but it looks like a padded suit.  I did not believe for a second it was actual muscle....lol.  The suit just did not work for me.  But then again, when I was six and watching the George Reeves reruns I never realized his suit was padded, so there is that...

But I don't want to it seem like I hated this movie because I did not.

As many critics have said, there is a refreshing joy to this movie.  Zachary Levi is delightful and funny.  The core theme of Family works wonderfully and is the heart of this movie.  In fact, it is this theme that elevates the Third Act from the pitfalls of other super hero movies.

It was a fun movie.  My theatre was full and I would estimate over half the audience was between the ages of 6 and 14, and they were all laughing and cheering throughout.  And I am looking forward to seeing it again now that my expectations are out of the way to see how I react.

It is not the Captain Marvel...er Captain Thunder... Sparklefingers???... it is not the movie as an old Fanboy I hoped or wanted, but for a new younger audience it might be hero they need.

7 out of 10 for me.   Big Grin
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I watched Shazam today, and I rather liked it. I personally preferred Aquaman, but I liked Shazam regardless (I think the name: Shazam suits the character more than Captain Marvel) and I look forward to seeing how to DCEU movies forward.
A gorgeous new poster has appeared, though it is does spoil a major plot point....

...So don't look if you don't want to know Tongue Angel

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