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Star Wars Legends appreciation thread (spoilers for all things Star wars)
(01-10-2020, 05:53 PM)Masirimso17 Wrote: So question-- I was listening to the Darth Bane Path of Destruction audiobook and the first part right up until he 

gets admitted into the Sith Academy

I thought was really interesting. However now the middle parts where 

he's training in the academy/questions the teachers etc. And now I am at the point where the Sith realize they lost Ruusan I think

has gotten super boring and I don't have the desire to continue it. Is this worth it? I was just thinking of maybe skipping to Darth Plagueis or something. Should I power through the middle parts, does it get better?
I find audiobooks boring, reading the books are much better. I haven't read the Darth Bane books yet, but I have read Darth Plagueis and it's amazing!
I didn't like the Darth Bane novels, but I seem to be in the minority, so....
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