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Best ripping program for MAC
np, canon. these threads might be helpful:

on the particular pavtube product (there are a large number of pavtube programs that have overlapping functions) I used and on pavtube discounts:
L8wrtr also used a pavtube program to rip his HD source.

on the misery of my post-makemkv experience:
I just recently got a new MacBook Pro (running High Sierra) and switched back to Mac after trying PC out for a few years.  I previously used PavTube as it works well especially converting to ProRes for use in Final Cut Pro X just as ssj mentioned.  I never had any issues with MakeMKV but I would say it's a little concerning that ssj has.

One caveat I would throw out there is that after installing PavTube on my new MacBook Pro, it had compatibility issues with High Sierra and would constantly crash.  According to various forums, app compatibly issues is prevalent with that version of the OS.  I have access to an older Mac running Mavericks and PavTube runs perfectly on that, so the issues are definitely with High Sierra.  PavTube easily rips DVDs and Bluray and converts them to ProRes which you can directly import into FCPX.  If you are running High Sierra I might recommend trying to downgrade and if you aren't on High Sierra I might recommend not upgrading if you want to continue to fanedit.
Thank you slekyr , I'll keep that in mind!
If you are looking for free and powerful,
I still used MAC THE RIPPER, combined with MPEG STREAMCLIP after all these years. Big Grin 
Though I don't know if it works on Blu Rays....?
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Never heard of those… if MKV begins crashing I may try those out!  Thanks bionicbob

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