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Custom Soundtrack Covers
I found these gorgeous soundtrack covers from deviantart, thought I'd share:

[Image: swtfa_v7_mockup_complete_gif_by_anakin022-da30wdv.gif]
[Image: star_wars___the_last_jedi__legacy_collec...bxd2j8.png]
[Image: stranger_things_ost_custom_cover__friend...brv17o.jpg]
[Image: ready_player_one_ost_custom_cover__12_by...c6prgv.jpg]
[Image: star_trek_ost_custom_cover__5_by_anakin022-d8utdx7.jpg]

And there's still much more here. Worth checking out if you're an movie art lover like me.
Actually, he has way more at his blog.

[Image: rogueone_eots_front.jpg]
[Image: themazerunner3.jpg]
[Image: arrival18_3d2.jpg]
oh, these are nice. Thanks for sharing
that rogue one is nice but it looks kind of like the old  poster for the film
Empire Of The Sun
[Image: 220px-Empire_of_the_Sun.jpg]

[Image: rogueone_eots_front.jpg]
that was probably intentional
its still cool though.
(06-21-2018, 09:54 AM)ThrowgnCpr Wrote: that was probably intentional

Yeah, it was a tribute. He's made many in the same spirit. 

A bunch of 80s horror inspiration for Stranger Things like Twin Peaks and The Thing:
[Image: stranger_things_2_ost_custom_cover__twin...brv34t.jpg]
[Image: stranger_things_ost_custom_cover__the_th...brv0yt.jpg]

His RP1 covers feature retro video game boxes style too.

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