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Gill-Man: B+ Movie Edition, The:
Gill-Man: B+ Movie Edition, The:

Effective trim of an already shortish horror film. The editor's aim was to carve out the slack bits, and thereby boost the pacing. Nicely done.

Video - 1280 X 720p. Black n white, with good contrast. The underwater photography in this is outstanding, and the final interior cave shots are fine. Cuts went by unnoticed.

Audio - 224 Kbps 2-Channel, AAC. No subs. Dialogue is clear and understandable throughout. One might argue the finest element of this film is the soundtrack, which is dramatic and effective.

Narrative - Tell the truth, I did not notice any change in the narrative. And yes, quit a bit was excised. The story flows fine, I did not notice missing passages. This is a light edit and, because of the brevity, easy to digest. Boy meets girl - boy chases girl - conflict.

Enjoyment - Of all the "classic" Universal monsters, the Creature has always been one of my least favorites. Possibly because there is next to no history or backstory for the guy. He's existed for thousands of years in his isolated bachelor pad? Is the Creature even a he? If the Creature is actually a "she" then the sequence where it kidnaps Kay has a whole new dimension! Otherwise, the Creature comes across as this lovesick sap. Where were the village maidens? Countless manfish mutant fishpop offspring?

Yeah, kicking a rock, sorry. Nevertheless, compared with the original feature, Scribbling Man's edit is much preferred. Enjoy with your favorite fish sticks!


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