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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: Willie Scott Edition:

I've always loved Temple of Doom, even as the dark sheep of the original Indy Trilogy. Sure, Willie Scott (played by Kate Capshaw) was unbelievably irritating and added NOTHING at all to the movies, but it was still Harrison Ford in his prime as our favorite archaeologist-adventurer.

What Lapis set out to do would be nearly impossible without completely digitally removing Kate Capshaw, but in the end he did a fantastic job of toning down Willie's annoyingness. The edits are extremely clean and quick, and you really won't notice too much difference, though you will FEEL Willie is somewhat less screamy.

I thought the best changes were cutting Willie's dropping Indy's gun and complaining about cracking a nail (WHO CARES?! YOU'RE BEING CHASED BY PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL YOU!!), as well as completely cutting out all of her screaming at animals during the Indy/Short Round card game. In fact, the latter really does a good job of focusing on Indy and SR, letting you enjoy their relationship without being distracted by a poor joke/screaming Willie every 2 seconds. I also liked cutting Willie's 'I'm losing my voice' lines after falling off of the elephant, but I could have done with cutting her falling off too.

Ultimately, there is only so much that can be done with Temple of Doom. Spielberg himself said it was a troubled time for producer George Lucas and the two of them made a much darker film that intended. I don't have a problem with that. My issue is how horrible, annoying, and just plain arrogant the so called 'love interest' of Indy 2 was, and Lapis has done a great job of toning her down as much as possible. This fan edit as replaced the original cut in my library. Thanks Lapis!


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