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Cracked.com Mentions Fanedits
This is the discussion thread for Cracked.com Mentions Fanedits. Post away!

Cracked.com released a list today of 5 Ways To Watch The Star Wars Series (That Are Crazy AF). While not fanedit specific, three edits are mentioned, one by none other than our very own The Man Behind the Mask. His edit, The War of the Stars, makes the list at number 3.

The other two edits, neither of which are listed on IFDB, include one by Marcus Rosentrater which superimposes the first six movies over each other. While probably not the best way to watch our beloved series, it’s certainly a way to condense more than 12 hours of films. It’s called Star Wars Wars.

The final fanedit mentioned is Kyle Kallgren’s Star Wars Minus Star Wars. It’s a 16-minute version that tells the Star Wars story by using footage from other films.
I like how the article writer clearly didn't go to Secret Cinema:ESB, so decided to just pretend he had and make up what it was like based on promotional photos he found on Google Big Grin . Almost every detail he mentions is wrong.
Star Wars Wars is FOTM material
(05-20-2018, 03:00 PM)Zarius Wrote: Star Wars Wars is FOTM material

Fruit of the Month?
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Neglify Wrote:
Zarius Wrote:Star Wars Wars is FOTM material

Fruit of the Month?

Neg,  that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.

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