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Prometheus – Special Edition:
Prometheus – Special Edition:

I'm one of the people who actually liked Prometheus when it came out, although I certainly wasn't blind to its flaws. The story was told in a very convoluted way, but my main issues have always lain with the lack of character development. Anything else that gets fixed is a bonus.

Visual/audio quality - Visual was good, audio was mixed. Deleted scenes, although well integrated visually, were often noticeably lower audio quality, and sometimes when the volume ramped up it felt like the mix was struggling to breathe.

Audio during the Ted Talk, specifically, was phasery - particularly during applause.

Visual editing was fine. I didn't notice a single (visual) cut.

Audio editing was mixed. One cut was jarring, most of the rest of my qualms were with the rescoring. All of the soundtrack references from other films were noticeable and distracting. Although it's a nice idea, I don't think it worked. The score would often fight for dominance over the dialogue as well, which isn't ideal.

"ok then, on with the show" - felt too sudden, having had dialogue removed prior to it. The removal of "never had to follow a dead guy" was a bit awkward as well.

Narrative - I watched this with a friend who'd seen the theatrical before and found the story confusing. He felt the edit made things much easier to grasp, and I would agree. The story flows better and some character motivations make more sense. Pacing also benefited.

Some of the tiny cuts, particularly towards the beginning, I wasn't a fan of. They felt awkward and robbed characters of little chunks of development. Some examples:

Fifield's "I'm outta here" was rushed and random. No follow up from the other characters. He just leaves without anyone batting an eyelid. I get people don't like his tantrum, but that's his character. Better a bad character that makes sense, than an underdeveloped one whose actions are unclear.

Deleted scene with the captain in blondies quarters (post-flamethrower murder) makes little sense since them sleeping together was cut. The last thing between them was him asking her if she was a robot. If they had slept together then there would be a degree of intamacy and her letting him into her personal space would be more believable.

On a positive note, I thought the running in a straight line was very well handled. It never bothered me before as I thought the shot was cool, but the new sequence worked really well and was more logical. I was also happy to see the extended final fight with the engineer make it in.

Overall, a good edit, but I would still watch the theatrical over this, chiefly because there was a lot that took me out of the film audio-wise. This was mostly on the right track though and I intend on checking our other edits that tackle similar aspects of the film.


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