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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Recut:
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Recut:

This edit turns what was a "very good" movie into the GREAT movie it should've been. This is now my "go to"/definitive version of the movie to watch. It removes most of the "cringe-worthy" moments of this movie that hindered it from being what it should've been.

I wish a few more edits were made, but what was edited and added, adds context and logic to the story which was slightly amiss in the original version. I wish the Luke "brushing off the laser blasts" off his shoulder was removed. That was a 3rd grade joke that could've been removed.

There were also a few other moments that I wish were done better in the original movie that I don't think any edit could really fix, because they were just filmed so poorly. One was where after Rey gives Luke the lightsaber, she's magically 15 feet away from him the next second. The other was when (I forget her name) is on her back trying to kick down the detonator to drop the bombs. It falls and all of a sudden, within a millisecond, she's on her stomach, clutching the detonator (with what I think is the wrong hand). Wrong hand or right hand, it's still incredible to have that happen within a split second. The third edit is when Rey and Luke are looking at the Jedi texts in a very narrow cave. Rey's looking at them, and then a split second later, Luke has magically travelled past her in the narrow passageway and is in front of the texts. Again, this is all the fault of the original filming and edits, not SoboFilms, and I don't think/know if it could be fixed without the original footage.

The above are the only original issues I have with this that SoboFilms didn't/couldn't fix. Excellent job on this. Well done.


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