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Arrested Development Season 4 Gets Remixed
I think, especially given the cast limitations they were working with, that Season 4 is criminally underrated.
I just finished the first episode of the remixed version and thought it was great. It’s been so lon since I watched the original season four, I’m not sure what’s different, other than I obviously everyone’s is in the episode.
Been watching the remix and I'm loving it so far!  That BAD CGI though.....lol
I've just seen the first ep of the remix on Netflix and as above, it's such a joy! Feels like classic Arrested Development, every joke gets tweaked and trimmed to "cram down" to the 22-minute network TV clock but we lose nothing since the ep count itself can go as high as they like, plus as mentioned all the new VO work really jazzes things up. Breathless pacing, hilarious, I love it. Really fantastic. Abandoning all plans this week and just watching the remix season. Smile
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I've watched 4 episodes. Pretty good. Not perfect, but miles more entertaining than the original season 4, IMO. 

Looks like season 5 isn't far away either. 

A while back there were rumours of a movie - is that still a thing? Or has it been long abandoned now that the series is back up and running?
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My wife and I have been enjoying it too. Much better than the original version.
I’ve liked it a lot. Not that far in but it’s very good and, as stated, much better than it was before. I’m optimistic about season five. On a side note, my brother got to go on hop on the stair car yesterday in Austin. 

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