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Covers and Criterions by Dugnutt
(04-14-2018, 09:50 PM)Weekly Wackadadoo Wrote: you said should of unstead of should have

And you said "unstead" instead of "instead" Wink
(04-16-2018, 05:41 AM)The Scribbling Man Wrote:
(04-14-2018, 09:50 PM)Weekly Wackadadoo Wrote: you said should of unstead of should have

And you said "unstead" instead of "instead" Wink

tomahawk's The Incredible Hulk: Extended Edition

[Image: jQiW07n.jpg]

There isn't much artwork for TIH because I assume no one really likes it, so I used the artwork from the MCU Phase 1 Box-Set
I really like these covers. I marked up the Star Wars cover with some suggestions to strengthen the layout

[Image: 40763321645_40c19b02ff_z.jpg]

Also, see the triangular rock behind the lucasfilm logo? That would be a perfect place to put the FE logo. Just slide the other logos to the left.

DVD Special Features could also be moved up above where I indicated, then align the baseline of the dvd features list with indicated red line

Ideas like wrapping text around the sun would work well on the Jedi cover as well. On the back page, the text could be slanting/tapering to smaller and smaller lines so as to follow the direction of the storm trooper's back on the speeder bike.
Realised I've had some covers sitting around for a while for some upcoming and released edits, so here are few. The colours are wrong on the 1st Seinfeld cover and the Spider-Man 3.1 for some reason. But looked fine before I uploaded, so uh.

Seinfeld: Extended Season 1&2 
[Image: Hv05J43.jpg]
[Image: ttkwJDS.jpg]

Age of Ultron: Extinction Edition 
[Image: khcFYRS.png]
This one is still ITW kinda 
[Image: t8FzTrB.jpg]

Spider-Man 3.1 - The Hybrid Cut
[Image: gMXawkO.jpg]

Justice League - Ultimate Edition
[Image: aBiqsOF.jpg]
[Image: zfbshVM.jpg]

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