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Star Wars - Silent Edition: Episode VII:
Star Wars - Silent Edition: Episode VII:

Very good fan edit. It's improving all the story of TFA by eliminating the Death Star plot. And, surprisingly, it's working. But it has its weak points (who can be resolved). The bound between Han Solo and Ray is not credible because some scenes are missing. You can definately eliminate the awkward hug between Finn and Poe - it is not necessary to the plot and it is to much (it is not credibile even in the movie). And you can do some more dialogues in the war room to give the new plot more credibility - it seems too rushed. Also, the scene from that new Cantina is a little bit confusing. The visual editing is almost perfectly. In the audio side you can work a little bit - some scenes has not the proper music. The narrative seems to work because you don't feel anymore that you watch "A New Hope" all over again.


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