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Assassination of Julius Caesar, The:
Assassination of Julius Caesar, The:

Having never read Shakespeare before, and since Kerr found inspiration in the play, I decided to tackle The Tragedy of Julius Caesar before I watched the edit. With the material to work with—what with Brutus as a part of the larger cast, as others have said below—I think that Kerr has done something magnificent. The story didn't deviate all too much from the play, and there seems to have been enough material to work with. Otherwise, this could have turned into a fade-extravaganza (a few are present, but not to the point of annoyance), but Kerr found a story and an arc that worked.

If this was "an experiment in editing," I'm stocking up on Kerr's edits. Phenomenal work, both audio and video-wise. Nothing to remark, except the brilliance of it.

It was truly fun to re-visit Rome with this edit and I can hardly fathom the task of editing an entire series down to little less than two hours. And with a coherent, conclusive story, at that. I'd recommend this to anyone who's either read the play and/or watched the series. Now if there only was a fan edit that would make me read Antony and Cleopatra...


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