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Batman v Superman: No Justice:
Batman v Superman: No Justice:

Like many when Batman V Superman came out a few years ago I eagerly awaited the release of the first big screen outing of two of DC's biggest heroes that would be seen together for the first time on the big screen and sadly like many I was disappointed. I wasn't disappointed by a lot of the things that others were however, no Batman killing didn't bother me much because it is clear enough (at least for me anyway) that Bruce is a man at the end of his rope when we meet him here, someone who's old, tired and grizzled from dealing with the horrors of Gotham City for 20 years and feeling like his heroics made no difference in the end. As for Superman being mopey and non-Supermanish, I also understood what Clark was going through and why he was acting the way he did, He's tried to be helpful and do good all his life but is constantly criticized by the very people he tries to protect so when allthese incidents and news reports happen and show him in a negative way can you really blame him for questioning himself or feeling sorry for himself, he like Bruce feels like no matter how much good he does he will still be seen to many as nothing more than an alien or someone who's actions and opinions shouldn't matter on Earth (Which for all intents and purposes is his home planed) just imagine the stress of the only world you've known attacking you and hating you for trying to protect it. Those were my thoughts on some of the things in the movie originally but now onto No Justice

First let me just say that this may be one of the best if not the best restructuring of a movie I have ever seen (And I've watched A LOT of Star Wars Prequel edits that try to trim and alter the plot) Its incredible to me that without all the extra sub plots and characters how much clearer the move becomes. I was shocked at how much I actually was able to follow every character's plot point and understand their motivations more clearly than in either the Theatrical or Ultimate cuts of the movie. I personally was someone who kind of got lost in the movie while watching it originally and kind of wasn't able to follow everything with totally understanding it because of the sheer length and content contained. No Justice streamlines the movie incredibly and efficiently, yes one of my biggest problems for every cut of the movie is still present, which is that its boring (just my opinion) BUT with how much is cut and changed around here the experience is considerably better and I honestly quite enjoyed it despite not being a fan of the movie. If you want to just get the main elements of the movie without all the extra fat and set up for the DCEU then this edit is worth your time I could honestly see this in a store next to the official releases as another alternate cut, technically its superb with audio and sound effects used perfectly to transition and the editing was basically flawless as well except in a few scenes where I knew what was cut or changed, that being said you could probably show this to someone who's never seen the movie and they wouldn't notice at all. All in all No Justice is BvS experience that takes you on a familiar and significantly shorter ride that focuses on every character perfectly and their motivations very clearly. Honestly if the WW, Doomsday and Justice League cameos weren't cut this could easily be watched in a DC marathon leading to Justice League (reeseevens should do an edit of that too btw) for those who want all the necessary information without all the rest

As for Doomsday and WW along with Luthor's elaborate plan to get Batman and Superman to fight is hardly missed though I personally liked the whole doomsday fight and WW at the end and would have included it (actually its the one thing I really liked originally lol) but here its not missed at all


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