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Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope:
Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope:

In an attempt to better balance out the themes and messages behind Snyder's vision, samspider3 has taken a unique approach to the first outing for the DCEU's take on the man of steel. Throwing in essential story beats from Batman v Superman and stitching it together with bits from a different movie (with a similar incident) to create a whole new element that weaves in and out of the existing MOS footage, giving us a world reacting to this stranger from another world in thier midst, but divorced from the convoluted scheming of Lex Luthor or the quasi-murderous intent of the Batman. Minimizing the romantic elements for Lois and Clark does not diminish their bond either.

This edit captures the essential essence of fan mixing and really is what fanediting is all about.


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