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Should I keep the subwoofer track when converting 5.1 to stereo?
I really don't know anything about how surround systems work, so pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to finagle something close to a clean dialogue track for Blade Runner 2049, using the 5.1 DTS-HD MA track as a basis (Audacity crashes when I try to import the Atmos track). I've noticed that the subwoofer track (fourth from the top) doesn't appear to make any difference when I mute it. Considering that I'm only going to make a stereo soundtrack for my edit, should I still keep the subwoofer track when I'm editing the audio? Or just leave it muted and forget about it?
Most computer speakers can't reproduce the low frequencies of the subwoofer channel. That doesn't mean it's definitely an empty channel. This is easy to test with big enough speakers.

Mix the subwoofer into the Front Left and Right channels. That way any information is retained into your stereo mix. The formula for this:
- Amplify subwoofer channel: -3dB (that halves the volume).
- Duplicate subwoofer channel.
- Select one together with the FL: mix and render.
- Same for the FR.
(Subwoofer channel is mono, so no worries about L and R balance in there).

Have fun with your edit!
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You mean the LFE channel.  It is better to downmix to 2.0 without it.  Try eac3to.
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