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Mac's Best software to split MKV file
i have plenty of conversion,editing,splitting,et,etc,etc, softwares on my iMac, but i need a Mac guru on here to help me out in pointing me in the direction of a free, or extremely cheap software program to split mkv files.

i downloaded a 11.3GB MKV file the other day, and would like to burn it so i have a hard copy instead of having to stream it always, i have friends that would like to view it as well. 

I would like a program that can split it roughly just in half or enough to fit on 2 DVD9's without any chops or breaks, or any missing clips. I am sure there is a very simple program, i just dont have the discs to keep trying to get it right. what would the mac users aboard recommend to me?

all help appreciated!!

Thank you!

mkvtoolnix gui works fine in windows for me, theres a mac version too

Just load the 11.3gb in the input window
Go to the output window and select destination for the file(s)
In the splitting option choose 'after output duration' 
put in the time stamp you want it to split at
and hit the 'start multiplexing'

Just check the files are ok before you burn 'em 

Happy Days Smile
THanks Sinbad! you come to the rescue once again! I will give it a try.

are you sure you want a splitter? or merely a smaller file? if the latter, handbrake can take the enormous MKV and turn it into a smaller mp4.  this is a particularly good solution if you have no need for the MKV container.
yeah agree with ssj you could easily recode to around 6-7000kbs and fit the whole flick on one dual layer dvd. Obviously that depends on the movie length...
More importantly, I'm not aware of any retail outlets that provide their video in the MKV container, especially with that unusual file size. The fact that you stated you downloaded an 11.3 GB MKV file strongly suggests piracy.

Stop. Read our rules. If we have reason to believe that you are pirating video, you will be banned.
ThrowgnCpr, I have so much respect for you and the FanEdit community, & i do read the rules. I am not saying i dont make mistakes from time to time, but i do not pirate films. i download these fanedits if i own them, which i do. I am trying to figure out why the size of the file makes one think that i am pirating and since the unusual file size "strongly suggests piracy". I would not do that and ruin my reputation as a simple member here being here since early 2009. i have much love for this community, and again would not break rules. Im guessing people that pirate films make huge file sizes? I have been warned today for asking a question in someone else's thread, which i learned i shouldn't do or ask that question, now im suspected of piracy. I mean what all am i doing wrong here, i will read over the rules a few times again, so i never make a mistake to be warned or banned for whatever. I respect the rules and you, & the rest of the Admin,mods,etc, & members.

I am sorry for whatever rule i have broken. i enjoy my time on this board, and hope to not get banned or even warned.

Please forgive me for everything i have done wrong on the site. i will be on top of those rules tonight.

I watched Lapsi's BTTF edits the other day and they were in mkv format to include optional subs.
not steering from the Mac software subject, but just real fast could you recommend me, or should i say pm me if its not supposed to be posted in the thread due to being a Mac Guide thread, but i am looking for a fanedit of the BTTF Trilogy that is the best, there are so many, could you recommend me one please? Also i found my MKV splitter for the FanEdit i downloaded legally. The upgraded 720p MKV, well here is the video & specs, maybe someone who is familiar with the whole frame rate, bitrate, audio/video codecs,FPS,etc, so when i split, it doesn't kick any audio out of sync with the video. Please take a look at the specs here below. (oh, it was 11.8GB, not 11.3GB, sorry)



MKV 720p
Video : h264 | .mkv | 1280x720 | original AR 2.35:1 | 23.97fps | 5.000 kb/s
Audio : English 5.1 | DTS | 1.536 mb/s | new DTS 5.1 mix (2012)
Subtitles : English [on non-english parts only], German, French, Portuguese [full film]. 
Runtime : 04:02:38
Size : 11,8gb

maybe these ratio. fps,kbps, the audeo/video codec might help you or anyone looking in what im looking for, i want the split to be a clean cut or more like when you throw either disc in it picks up smooth like there was almost no break in the it.

Thanks for standing beside me Sinbad!

Give mkvtoolnix for mac a go, with what I suggested in an earlier post. it should handle all the nitty gritty stuff for you. all you need to do is decide where you want the split to be roughly two hours in.  it should only take a few minutes for it to do it as its not re-encoding anything.   just check the files are how you want them before you burn 'em

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