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Rendering in Premiere - Best HQ Video/Audio to Size Format
I am having no problem getting a MP4 rendered in Adobe Premiere and getting a good result visually and sound wise, but it ends up being 25GB for a 2 hour movie. Is there anything better?
What are your render settings? i.e. bitrate, VBR/CBR, etc. Are you using one of their presets? If so what one?
H264, Custom, VBR 2 Pass, Bitrate 30, Use Maximum Quality Checked
(02-04-2018, 05:14 PM)revel911 Wrote: H264, Custom, VBR 2 Pass, Bitrate 30, Use Maximum Quality Checked

If you want it to be really high quality, these aren't bad settings. If you want a smaller file size, you can lower these. At the bottom of the export screen Premiere gives you an estimated file size. You could very easily lower the bit rate and maintain a reasonable quality. I think the default it target 10, maximum 12.
How will the lower bitrate effect the outcome? See more artifacts? More "flowering" in dark gradients?
Yes but at a bitrate of 10 (mbps), it'll be pretty much fine.

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