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Poll: What was your Favorite Edit in January 2018?
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Batman: The Animated Series – Mask of the Phantasm: TV Cut by DigModiFicaTion
4 33.33%
Knight Rider 2000: One Cut Can Make A Difference by Zarius
2 16.67%
Source Code: Version 1.2 by The Scribbling Man
1 8.33%
Mr. Blue’s Batman v Superman by Mr. Blue
5 41.67%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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FEOTM Poll - January 2018
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Oh, this was a tough choice for me.
Batman v Batman Wink
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(02-02-2018, 11:56 AM)The Scribbling Man Wrote: Batman v Batman Wink

And the Martha ending STILL fits Tongue
Wait... what are we trying to fit into Martha's end?
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Oh Neglify...

[Image: HbTx9Co.gif]
(02-02-2018, 11:56 AM)The Scribbling Man Wrote: Batman v Batman Wink

I missed that one in the theaters.
TwoScarface vs Two Batmans and Kittman and errr.....  Jake Gyllenhall
(02-03-2018, 06:58 AM)Sinbad Wrote: TwoScarface vs Two Batmans and Kittman and errr.....  Jake Gyllenhall

Isn't Gyllenhall the front runner for the new Batman?

I should go buy source code. Scribb's work looks great.
I'm sure he would kill it as Batman but I kinda hope he doesn't as i think it would be harder to slide back to smaller indie roles for him. I just see Iron Man when I watch RDJ now and wouldnt wanna see JG end up like that.

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