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Budget External Blu-ray Drive
Mine too, I've already christened it backed my up my BTTF Edit with all the BW episodes too onto 1x25GB Disc. First movie to Christen it was the Thelma and Louise bluraySmile
This is turning out to be less simple than expected.

[Image: IMG_20180210_133117.jpg]

Cant seem to take the front panel off without disturbing some fairly taut connections...
Actually, managed to get around it with some careful manoeuvring. The screw socket doesn't line up though Sad

[Image: IMG_20180210_134930.jpg]
anywhere along the oblong bit is fine it will nip it in place
Are you all sorted now Scrib?
Almost! Was out this afternoon, so had to leave and come back to it. The driver is in the computer, it's just checking it works.... Tried a minute ago with some blu ray playing software and it wouldn't recognise the disc. Just trying the old "turn it off and on again" trick.
if its recognising the disc in wIndows in the my computer section you have it installed correctly. Decent blu ray software is hard to find for free leawo blu ray is the only free one i know of.
I've been using something called Pot Player, which has been inconsistently working with blu ray ISO's. Isn't liking discs though.

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