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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense':
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense':

Simply the best edit of the Phantom Menace that I have ever seen. It is great both for rewatchs and first timers, since no plot points or references are lost (unlike other edits that exclude, for instance, the gift that Anakin gives to Padme). Jar Jar is taken down to tolerable levels, bad child acting is gone to the extent that it can possibily can, Anakin is transformed into a brave kid (instead of one that is just there doing random stuff), the Jedi are back to mostly being a religious and faith centered organization and cringe worthy moments are mostly gone. All the "cool" parts that attracted many people, like the pod racing sequences and battles are mostly intact, so as to not disrupt the narrative too.

But what I believe that should certainly be mentioned is that the audio and soundtrack editing is very good. Unlike other edits where even a first timer would know that something is wrong with these elements, in here, everything flows much more smoothly. Sure, the people that know the soundtrack by heart will know that a part of it was cut or sped up, but it does not disrupt your ears at all.

This edit actually transforms TPM into a good movie, and lets you understand all future works completely, including The Clone Wars series. It may still not be as good as the Empire Strikes Back, but you will certainly not have the urge to skip it, even if you dislike it. I actually enjoyed it.


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