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WW2 - World War II
I'd hoped to finish my mega fan edit before the fall semester begins tomorrow, but, despite some progress, I'll need to re-record certain bits of my old man's narration, and do a lot more editing grunt work (I'm pretty much up to 1945, but, given the dozens and dozens of sources involved, fine-tuning the audio into a consistent mix will take some time indeed.) I've been reluctant to work on said project while school is in session, but maybe I'll try to do so during the fall, as my academic responsibilities won't exactly wane in the next year and a half...

Anyhow, last week marked the 80th anniversary of the start of WW2. As I've discussed above, a terrific "real time" documentary YouTube channel started up last year, but the weekly mini-documentaries have the dates in their titles, so, if one likes, one can spend the next few years reliving the disaster, one handful of days at a time:

Babylon Berlin S1/2 (2017)

[Image: 09-babylon-berlin-w700-h467.jpg]

What's that? The most expensive non-English language TV series yet produced is a 1929-set adventure/thriller/crime drama, with the barest of hints (at least at first) of the Nazi disaster to come? And it's all on Netflix? Stream away, fellow polizei! The first two seasons, which aired back-to-back and are really one big story, comprise 16 big-budget, action-packed episodes that come highly recommended. Grade: A-, and I look forward to the upcoming third season, concentrating on Berlin's thriving film world, newly threatened by the the fragmenting advent of talkies. Big Grin

So, okay, Operation Prangertag, an attempted right-wing coup to restore Germany's monarchy under Wilhelm II is fictional, albeit plausible. I was alarmed to see that Ludwig Beck, the elder statesman hero of Valkyrie (played by Terence Stamp) was one of the conspirators against the state; I had no illusions as to what his sympathies would have been at the time, but I was alarmed to think of him as an assassin and a traitor. Well, maybe the portrayal is fair and maybe it isn't; I'm hardly knowledgeable enough to judge.

And, oh, boy, did I buy that Charlotte was dead as a doornail! I was so engrossed by the scene it didn't occur to me to wonder how they were able to film her drowning so convincingly. Dry for wet with CG enhancement, I guess. (Though apparently Rath's knowledge of CPR is almost certainly anachronistic.)

And what will become of poor Greta?! So cute, so redhead... so manipulable and naive. Sad!
^ Arrrghh. Why haven't they released that ^ on blu-ray with English subtitles yet.
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"Worse than Pearl Harbor?" Daaaammn, Dr. Kermode!

(Hey, that other guy in the clip shown is Joe Blake from The Man in the High Castle!)

The AV Club's Ignatiy Vishnevetsky is similarly unimpressed:

Both of these specimens of testosterone-fueled all-American derring-do (played by Brits who periodically struggle with their accents) are real historical figures, as are almost all of the characters in Midway, which attempts to dramatize the most famous naval battle of World War II by drawing equal inspiration from the monotonous historical reenactments of 1970’s Tora! Tora! Tora!, the butt-numbing soap-opera spectacle of 2001’s Pearl Harbor, and the Irwin Allen influences of Emmerich’s own disaster movies.
^ The tone of the thumbnail image selected for that review is enough.

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