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Bit Ripper
Sorry, that should say using movie rescuer, not from.
(01-06-2018, 03:23 PM)TVs Frink Wrote:
(01-06-2018, 11:30 AM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: I use Vegas and I'm not using Avi anymore. I did HttF with a 300gb lagarith AVI, then I did RotR with 28gb m2ts file from movie rescuer. I think RotR looks better. It's also easier to work with a smaller file.

Interesting. Anyone else have experience with this?  "ThrowgnCpr" or "Captain Khajiit" ?

For my ITW X-Men edit, I needed to go that same route, since I have to use small bits of many HD sources and didn't want to rip just the parts I needed for fear of audio sync problems I experienced in early tests, and just didn't have the hard drive space to hold like 5 or 6 uncompressed HD resolution, feature-length Logarith files. AND my personal computer is pretty old and has never been very good at handling that format, I assume it's underpowered.

My workflow mostly follows Throw & Cap's guides to get the video on my computer unaltered, up to the point that I have the m2ts and the separate audio. Then I just don't convert to logarith and open the audio files in Audacity, and export as separate wavs. Then just import the m2ts and wavs into the editor. It seems to work easily enough for me.

The only problem I've experienced was an issue with one BD rip (X-Men 3) that looked just awful no matter how many times I tried it with one program (MakeMKV), so I had to switch to another (DVDFab I think), but that eventually worked out ok. The bad copy looked almost like playback glitches from software, so it was hard to diagnose what was wrong, but after rendering I figured it out. Tried the other program. Got a clean m2ts file and so far, no more problems in Premiere (working on that edit in my off time on my work laptop because it's newer and a more powerful machine and has Adobe CC). I think it'd work fine in Vegas too. 

Maybe someone will come along and point out I'm doing something technically wrong. In that case, just remember, I haven't released a full edit yet, so if their advice conflicts with mine, listen to them.
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