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pranafilm's Covers
I am thinking of only doing fake Criterions for just the first three James Bond films, the making a boxset for all of them (since they are technically Criterion films, being released as laserdiscs in the 1980s).

Here is my first attempt at an old Criterion format, with DR. NO.

[Image: UfURZDV.png]

I did mess up the United Artists logo, which I will fix up in the future.
I decided to remake those Criterion Star Wars covers I made, and instead do a "Star Wars Collection" similar to another editor's covers. I also remade both "Empire" and "Jedi"'s covers. Enjoy.

[Image: BVpvtHe.png]

[Image: EHe6RUo.png]

[Image: RlAhM1j.png]
Those Star Wars covers are awesome.
The Circle is now Complete. The Star Wars Collection: Part 2.

[Image: kJyjy2r.png]
(07-03-2018, 07:16 AM)slekyr Wrote: Those Star Wars covers are awesome.

Thanks. Big Grin
[Image: y0IYMUP.png]

[Image: Rq81Vgn.png]
This is the cover for the Star Wars Collection, inspired by the fanedit DVD cover made by theryaney and the IMAX posters for the sequel trilogy.

[Image: rdHNUOY.png]
[Image: AzHGsXH.png]
[Image: vpQ89Kt.png]
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I am a fan of the works of Maya Deren, particularly her surrealist short film "Meshes of the Afternoon". I decided to make a cover of her work.

[Image: eOu44s1.png]

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