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Vegas 14 Pro for $20! Plus a bunch of other stuff
There are about 4 days left on the sale.

I was on the fence because there are some free editors that sound promising. I went ahead and bought it to make sure it didn't sell out or end early and be left out.

The graphic design software comes with 1 year of free updates (Currently on v 15.xx). It's possible there may be a major update in that time (i.e. v 16.0).
Vegas is great,  charity is great.  A good choice all around. I even posted on Facebook about it.
Did you hear the joke about the high wall? It's hilarious, I'm still trying to get over it. 
ITW - X-Men: Wartime. Ideas - Twin Peaks Season Zero Project, Missing Philip Animated Short.
There's zero reason not to go for it. There may be good freeware, but Vegas will still trump it. Even if you don't feel you need the extra features, the worst case scenario is you've given to charity (which is actually a good scenario). 

(04-20-2018, 05:32 PM)addiesin Wrote: I even posted on Facebook about it.

That's a good idea. I may do that.
I came across this post on https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/u.../#ca685701

It says the GPU accelerated LUT filter from Pro 15 works in older editions back to 13.

You just need to get the Vfx1.ofx.bundle from the 15 OFX Plugins folder to your older install (slightly different path structure).

I might get the 15 Pro demo to see if it is included.
Does anyone know if the licence allows for installation on multiple computers? 

I bought this version a while back and I currently have it on my desktop. I'm thinking of also installing it on my laptop so that I have more flexibility. However, the laptop is a hand-me-down and a bit temperamental, so I'd rather not install it on there if it means I won't be able to put it on another computer in the future.
Yes I've got Vegas installed on multiple computers without an issue

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