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The Last Movie(s) You Watched... (quick one or two sentence reviews)
Tron Legacy (2010)
I love this movie. Yes it has some slow moments and Sam's character isn't very dimensional until the third act, but when this movie shines it's an absolute stellar delight. The visuals are spectacular, the story is right inline with its predecessor and expands it in new ways, and that score. Wow. I don't know if it was just that the story required prior knowledge or what, but I wish this had done better. We could have had 3 or four films by now in this world. Thankfully Disney is finally making a third film. Here's hoping the new movie appeals to the masses so we can keep revisiting the grid in new ways. 9/10
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^Then I'd really recommend the gorgeously animated series, Tron: Uprising. It had a stellar voice cast and was a prequel series meant to explain all the gobbledygook brushed over in the beginning of Legacy about AI programs coming to life, etc. Unfortunately, it was canceled after the first season, but if you love Legacy, I'm sure it's worth a watch.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was September 19th, and as is my custom, I celebrated by diving in to some pirate classics.
The Black Swan (1942)
Tyrone Power would later go on to star as Zorro, but he didn't do much for me here. He's running around as a British pirate with an American accent, sexually assaulting left and right. The "love story" is about 55% of the picture, and pirating is about 45%. I couldn't get past the constant rape threats to find much charm in this. Details: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/film/the-black-swan/

Blackbeard, the Pirate (1952)
I thought this was old and cheesy, but holy crap does it pop! My copy was real rough around the edges, so I wonder if there's a restored version that would allow me to appreciate the directing and editing. For me, they were weak, but the story and performances really elevated this.  Full thoughts: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/fil...he-pirate/
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Inception (2010)
When you can't go watch Tenet in theaters, this is what you do. Perfection. 10/10
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The Pirate-athon continues...

The Ice Pirates (1984)
I have so much affection for this film from my childhood, but I hadn't watched it in at least 10 years... I'm pleased to say it totally holds up! More than the sum of its (very interesting) parts, this happy accident manages its tone to stay on the right side of knowing campiness. So rewatchable, so quotable, so enjoyable. The juicy details: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/fil...e-pirates/

The Bounty (1984)
If you wanted a serious pirate movie in '84, this was the other choice. And before you say "That's not about pirates!", I'll have you know that Sir Anthony Hopkins himself says in the film "I need to report an act of piracy, sir!" This one isn't for the kiddies...it's honestly more of a heartthrob romance kind of vibe for much of the film, whereas I was hoping for more Master & Commander, but this is worth a watch. Juicy deets: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/film/the-bounty/
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John Carter (2012)
I found myself liking this movie a lot more this time around. I'll admit that I watched it with an editing eye looking to see what I might do with it. There's really not much that I have to complain about the film itself. I think the big issue with this movie was that it just threw you into the story without any information. They either needed to spend more time with John Carter during the war and the events that lead to him going off on his own or spent more time on Barsoom/Mars at the beginning and then brought him into the story. I wish they also would have gone more into the Thern. Their characters are very intriguing and I would have liked to know more about them. A surface level scratch that attempted an epic scale but didn't have enough roots to keep us grounded in the story. 6.579/10

Michael Giacchino's score 7.5/10
Giacchino is the heart and soul of this movie. His main theme, while not one of most memorable, nails that old-timey epic feeling. This could have been a theme in an old Cecil B. DeMille. Giacchino again crafts atmosphere that lifts a flawed presentation to an enjoyable experience. Disney would be wise to re-employ him in future Star Wars ventures. He gets source material and how to bring it into the present. With Williams bowing out and James Horner gone, Giacchino might be our only hope.

Watching the deleted opening scene......WHY didn't they open the movie like this?!?!? *face palm*
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