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The Last Movie(s) You Watched... (quick one or two sentence reviews)
(11-09-2019, 05:14 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: Yeah, most every Bond movie riddled with ridiculousness. That's why Datlon's Bond was always my preferred Bond as his movies seemed to be more straightforward spy/action flicks. Craig's Bond is similar in that respect and I appreciate that his era is at least connected with a story line that weaves throughout them, albeit loosely. Golden Eye was a pretty fantastic Bond movie, but I'm not really impressed with Brosnan's other outings as the sex-crazed slightly inept British spy. I'm more of an Ethan Hunt fan myself.


The Lion King (2019)
The Circle of Life opener was pretty spectacular looking although I did prefer the original singer. The key to the success for this film was going to have to be the distraction factor. The opener passed the test. This however was not the case for the rest of the film. Most of the dialogue delivery felt very tired, lifeless or B-roll-ish. It's hard to tell if I'm just incredibly biased based on my absolute love of the original, but many seem to have a similar reaction. I'm not a fan of the new iterations of Timon and Pumba and consider their characters the weakest of the entire movie. Rogan's Pumba is tolerable, but the guy who did Timon was just awful in his line delivery imho. Most of the changes in the movie are around Timon and Pumba and their jungle paradise which were slightly distracting as they don't expand on the added characters which make them feel kind of gimmicky. My last gripe is about the look of the talking animals. It works perfectly in a cartoon, but this just looks like space buddies, or those other animal talking kid shows. Yes, I know that this is an animal talking kid show, but I had hoped they would possibly make the voices less.....human? I don't know, just more animal like. Honestly, I'd have taken the movie without any dialogue or without the animals moving their mouths to form words. Ugh, the Spirit song addition as well as the Be Our Guest scene just felt bad. I really tried to go into this one with an open mind (I can't stand the other "live action" completely cgi Disney renditions) and it fared about as I expected it would. 5.5/10

I've heard that Dalton's Bond was the closest to the Bond of the novels.  Apparently, that's not what audiences wanted, though.  Or maybe it wasn't hardcore enough.

I couldn't bring myself to see the remake of TLK.  It's my favorite Disney film, and I just kept thinking "Why?  Why?"  A friend of mine loved Rogen as Puumba and said it was the role he was born to play, but I'm not sold.
Best review I read for this movie said "This film does not justify its existence."
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