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The Last Movie(s) You Watched... (quick one or two sentence reviews)
The Devil Rides Out AKA The Devil's Bride (1968)

A silly mess, but the cast saves it.

Prudes need prunes.

A rewatch still think it's a brilliant blend of Short Circuit and Robocop, ok so the plot isn't the most original thing in the world but the quirkiness of the whole thing makes it feel more so. The CGI of Chappie looks pretty damn faultless too, the critics got this one wrong. Blompkamp is the perfect choice for a Robocop reboot
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Finding Altamira (2016)
I found this movie on Vudu today after seeing that The Odyssey was still playing for free and remembering how impressed and mesmerized I was by Pierre Niney's acting. If you haven't seen this young French actor you're missing out on an emerging master of the craft. When I clicked on Niney's filmography, Finding Altamira came up. Seeing that Antonio Banderas was in it and reading the brief synopsis I decided to jump into this one blind. Wow. The actors were fantastic and the presentation was pure life. The portrayal of the conflict of faith and science was perfectly represented. I loved the moment of clarity that came in the quiet moment of discovery and lens of innocence seen through Maria's character. Seeing the many indifferent reviews reminds me that we perhaps have forgotten what real life is, and could be. A grounding film that proves the greatest adventure in life is in the pursuit and discovery of the unknown. 10/10

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Saw Joker... but first I finished my "Pirate Parade" mini marathon:

Pirates of Penzance (1983)

This is essentially a filmed version of the theatrical production.  I know I’m picky about musicals, but this didn’t do much for me.  It was a little too in love with Gilbert & Sullivan, whose music and lyrics are already too in love with themselves.  (Is one verse or tune catchy enough to repeat?  Then repeating it 7x must be better!)  The music is best compared to church hymns or Christmas carols, and the lyrics must have seemed witty in the 1800s but are trying way too hard now.  The thin plot is an excuse to move through non-stop music, and has some creepy and outdated attitudes anyway.  Great performances and The Major General’s Song don’t make this worthwhile.  Recommend Animaniacs instead.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

I liked the first film, but have always thought everyone was overly enraptured by Jack Sparrow.  Look, these are silly movies.  They don’t make a lot of sense historically, geographically, and even the physics of many scenes in this movie are ridiculous.  The plot seems to unfold a certain way in many scenes just because that’s what needs to happen for the next scene to work.  This film is actually considerably less “stranger” than the previous films (despite making Blackbeard have a magical sword that controls ships and weather, just as an aside) but I’m sure it was fluffy enough entertainment in the theater.

Best movie out of the marathon is still The Crimson Pirate.
Oh, and Joker was amazing.  The critics who want something sanitized and the audience who want something funny can all go back and watch Aquaman.  This was exactly the movie for the Joker.
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Watched this for our Cinema & Art quiz...

...What is this?

...Is this what inspired all those YouTube Poops?
El Camino (2019)

I don't know if it's a movie so much as like another 1.5 episodes of Breaking Bad, but it's really everything I wanted it to be.  Cameos from almost everyone you would want.  Not for people who didn't watch all the show. (also, the teaser above is one of my favorite things ever: the style that gives you the flavor of the film, but actually isn't in the movie.)

Pulp Empire (orig. '80 and '94)

Finally watched this great fan edit with a bunch of friends.  Very fun times.

Coco (2017)

In a bit of Halloween-ish business, finally watched the lone Pixar film I hadn't seen.  Not in my personal Pixar top 10, but there was a moment in the end that jerked the tears from me.  Damn you, Pixar.
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Magellan (2017)
It's rare that I'll give a lower budget film my time, and unfortunately this movie proves why. Magellan is a mashup of 2001, Contact, Mission to Mars  and Interstellar. This isn't just because it's a space movie either. It borrows ideas and aesthetics without even trying to hide it. The main character is completely self absorbed and you struggle to identify with or even like him at times due to the choices he makes that effect his family. He's reckless and I find it hard to believe that he would be chosen for such a mission. There were moments when it seemed that perhaps a narrative shift was going to occur and something special might happen, but ultimately this film is a failed hack of better films. I'd recommend saving your time and spending it somewhere else. Even with a few spectacular visuals, there's no real satisfaction as this movie comes to an ambiguous end. 5/10
I mentioned this in the Discord but I'll share it here too since I seem to be in the minority, based on what I've read online. 

IT Chapter Two: I'm really shocked to hear that this film has gotten such less enthusiastic reviews than its predecessor. I know that it still got a mostly good reception in the sense that a majority of the reviews were positive, but a lot of people are saying that it is a step down from the first one. I think that this movie had all of the heart and humor that the first installment had, perhaps even more so because they further pursued the angle of IT targeting people that are already vulnerable in one way or another, which I think is the most interesting aspect of the plot. The scares were the weakest part of the film in that only a few of them were genuinely disturbing while the rest were just over-the-top, but I felt the same exact way about the scares in the first movie. I think taken as a whole, IT 1 & 2 are a great epic adaptation of what I always thought to be an unfilmable book. I look forward to watching them back to back in the future and I also look forward to the director's "supercut" version with the extra couple hours of deleted scenes that he's been talking about since before the first one even came out.
Fight the Real Enemy!
Bit of a late start on my spoOktober films this year, but I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Army of Darkness - Overdose cut (orig. 1992)
When I first saw this in the theater, I hadn’t seen the series and didn’t get it.  The slapsticky moments that turned me off are still in this cut of the Primitive Screwhead Edition (goes over the top at the windmill) but I can now enjoy it for being the delicious cheese that it is.  Not really scary, but Raimi is a master of creating tension, and some of the deleted scenes here add to that.  A lot of the special effects are really obvious by today’s standards and don’t hold up, but Bruce Campbell remains glorious.  This one has the alternate ending, which is pretty sweet.

Taking Lives (2004)
This was billed as a suspense-horror film about a serial killer, but really most of it is like a police procedural.  Despite some factual inconsistencies, I was really into the performances by Jolie, Hawke, and Martinez.  The film tries hard to throw you some red herrings though, and never resolves them in a way that makes total sense.  But it’s not as bad as it’s reputation.

It Follows (2015)
This is one of those trope-filled horror films with the “slow but unstoppable killer” premise, really reduced to its most basic form.  I suppose the twist is that rather than the teens that have sex being targeted, having sex is the only way to escape here.  The concept offers opportunities to comment on how class inequality means death inequality or the terror of dying alone and misunderstood, but instead we get the whitest Detroit imaginable and a movie that can’t figure out what time period it’s in or what it wants to say.
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