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The Last Movie(s) You Watched... (quick one or two sentence reviews)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
I'd never watched this film until now......wow......this makes Mission Impossible 2 look like a good movie....ugh this was just terrible. Shallow characters, convenient plot points, tired writing, over the top action scenes that are pointless, etc.....getting strong buyer's remorse with this one..... 4/10
(08-31-2020, 01:46 AM)Malthus Wrote: 21 Bridges: Watched on Amazon Prime
A pretty solid heist movie set over one night but the central point of closing the bridges doesn't really factor into the plot. Great performance by the late Chadwick Boseman

IT part 1: Watched on Netflix
Equally parts Stranger Things and The Goonies the goofy horror film is cartoonish fun with a stellar performance from Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Dancing Clown

IT part 2: Watched on Amazon Prime
A great continuation of the IT saga if a little bloated in the final act.

Sputnik: Watched on Amazon Prime
Superb Russian horror that gets under your skin. Watch it.

Cohesion: Watched on Amazon Prime
Budget sci fi set in one potentially infinite room. It really left an impression on me. Highly recommended.

TENET: Watched at the cinema
I was bored for large sections of this time bending blockbuster. It posed done intriguing questions but it felt soulless to me. I didn't care for any characters and left not knowing anyone's name. I low key want my time back.

Interstellar: Watched on Now TV
Better than TENET but rather bloated and silly. Love the visual aesthetic and the time dilation but I found the characters to be unlikable and largely stupid in their choices.

The Town: Watched on Netflix
Really solid heist film if a little plodding at times.

Interesting take on Tenet; I have been wanting to see this but I am not sure if I want to pay yet to be confused and/or unclear on the film's events. Did you find it confusing at all?
I know someone who is a pretty staunch defender of Nolan; he particularly gets bent out of shape when people accuse Nolan of being style over substance. That said, he hated Tenet, calling it by far Nolan’s worst and a clear cut case of style over substance. So, I’m going to wait to see it at home.
If you're interested in the film, and it's safe for you to do so, I'd strongly recommend making an effort to see it in theatres. The spectacle, especially when deprived of the theatre experience for however many months, is incredible.

I'm not even the biggest fan of Nolan - I think his direction is often irrefutably exceptional, but his writing usually fails for me on a number of levels. Tenet was no exception to this, albeit in a different way than normal (keeping it vague so I don't spoil anyone's experience). I really loved the first half, thought it was an excellent espionage affair, but the film started losing itself once it left those aspects behind.

I think a second viewing (which I'm going to in about an hour) would change my thoughts drastically on the film - as I could focus/pick up on things that'll change my outlook, for better or worse. 

My ranking of Nolan's work, for those interested. (yeah, I know it's a weird one) Also, since that's a Letterboxd list, it'll link to my reviews of all his films, if that's something you're interested in...
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Unbreakable (2000)
I actually watched the extended fanedit, but here are some thoughts on the film in general:  https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/film/unbreakable/
Long story short, this was the first time I could watch this and view it differently than just as the first third of a superhero movie.  It might work better this way.

Onward (2020)
Feels like this film got done dirty.  I was super impressed by the tightness of the script, and the love and attention to all things fantasy geek.  Full thoughts: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/film/onward-2020/
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The World Is Not Enough (1999)
These movies haven't aged well at all. Convenient and predictable plot movement. Bond has some major creeper scenes surrounding Elektra here. A bad guy that can feel no pain is fine, but if he picks up a smoldering rock or gets shot it still has a physical consequence that will effect how he can use his hand and arms, etc. Ridiculous...4/10
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Rope (1948)
Part of me wants to see a realistic remake of this where the victim voids himself upon his death, the murderers then saying "Quick, throw him in the chest!" while making disgusted faces. The rest of the film, the party guests repeatedly ask where the horrible stench is coming from, gagging on their cake and eventually fleeing the party.  Full thoughts on this sanitized version instead: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/film/rope/

Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003)
Props to Malthus for pointing me to where I could finally watch this.  I like the central conceit that all truly gifted musicians are aliens who've been abducted from other planets and brainwashed by corporate executives to bring their otherworldly jams to the human masses.  Eagle-eyed viewers will catch a lot of references to past musical geniuses.  Full thoughts: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/fil...ar-5ystem/
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Gemini Man (2019)
Well this didn't disappoint in the over the top action category. It's not a horrendous story, but the cgi fights and ridiculous action scenes made it taxing. Parkour is neat, but do we have to see it everywhere now? Is there actually any utility in using parkour during a fight? Oh, and if I got hit by a motorbike like that, I'd be in the hospital....the idea of this movie was probably better than what actually came out of it, just like quality of the young Will Smith cgi faces. A forgettable 5/10
(09-06-2020, 03:30 AM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: Gemini Man (2019)
A forgettable 5/10

Very much agree. I'd add that for me having seen the trailer before watching the movie it was very predicable. The trailer robbed the film's big reveal of any emotional impact. It's a serviceable action film but ultimately a rather limp effort.
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I’m Thinking of Ending Things. I’m not sure what I just saw. This is weird even for Charlie Kaufmann. I’ll probably need some time to digest it and talk it over with other people. My first instinct is this is Kaufmann at his most autobiographical and self-critical. And while I’m not sure I enjoyed it, I’d be disappointed if the “Things“ Kaufmann is thinking about ending are his screenplays. Though I’m not sure that’s a wild presumption.

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