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Why Does It Take So Long?
(10-24-2017, 12:30 PM)addiesin Wrote: Great idea for a thread, glad this has stirred up some conversations. The edit approval system is unfortunately not very efficient, but the steps/events that led to it were understandable, and it's far better than no system at all, and definitely better than anything I could come up with personally overnight. 

But little by little, it can be improved greatly imo, just by merit of having more participation in the process. And this thread seems to have brought the issue to the attention of the right people. There are two volunteers already, and I'd vouch for both of them. Beezo and Musiced have both been helpful contributors and proven editors for a while now.

Tldr; this thread warms my cold heart.

The staff agrees with you on all counts.

beezo and musiced921 you have new user titles and new permissions.  Someone less lazy than me will be sending you a PM with more details.

We're also planning to publish the active list of pending edits shortly.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions, and definitely keep them coming.
This sounds like a great improvment over what we had before!

Where is this list going to go exactly?
Most likely in the Pending Approval subforum.  We'll let you know here when it's posted.
I can imagine one of the rooms in Hell devoted to cinema types being forced to watch edit after edit after edit after edit of the Star Wars franchise.
In perpetuity.
(10-23-2017, 05:22 PM)theryaney Wrote: One thing that people have complained about I think is of the response time to the PM to (no offense) Mr. Cobb. It could take well more than a week some times. Of course, I perfectly understand why as he has told other members and the above reasons from MCP, but would there be any way to quicken that process? How about two people for that job perhaps? Of course there are some downsides in it would confuse some people but it is a possibility.

None taken, as it is certainly an accurate assessment. While I try to visit the forums daily (something that doesn't always work out, like me seeing this thread two days later), I am not always able to respond to PMs right away, as they are usually much more involved and typically require quite a bit of time to talk about and explain whatever needs explaining and talking about. 

I've been a lot more busy in recent months than I was in the past when I was more active here. That's mainly for personal reasons with my life being crazy (moving multiple times + hopping between way too many jobs). My goal is to reach some normalcy soon where I can better organize and prioritize my time. Anyway, those are my excuses. At the end of the day, it really is on me, and I feel bad for the new editors here and how much patience it takes to become an approved fan editor.

Part of that is due to the small academy team, and I have to say it really makes me happy to see people stepping up and volunteering. If other people are interested, let us know (I'll try to not take forever to get back).
(10-25-2017, 08:59 PM)DominicCobb Wrote: Anyway, those are my excuses. At the end of the day, it really is on me, and I feel bad for the new editors here and how much patience it takes to become an approved fan editor.

I completely understand and hope others will too.
^feel free to abbreviate quotes friend  Wink
Its wonderful that the Academy Members are discussing this topic and i admit it is a labourious process waiting for approval but i would rather wait and be given criticism or approval by the great faneditors on this site then just put my edits out in the ether- What hopefully will make me a better editor and what pushes me to do my best work is knowing how tough it is to be approved. I have been on the boards for many years and at first i did not have any knowledge on how to edit whatsoever - i was just fascinated that a movie could be changed , adapted , remixed i was fascinated by it and it gave me the bug - watching Q2's edits, Stankpac's Revenge of the Sith , Beezo's -  Oblivion edit - TM2YC's numerous edits - Star Trek , THX 1138 and Love and Mercy edit to name but a few , Plissken 1188 Hateful eight edit and going back to Sharksploitation and NJVC's Pulp Empire , Crystal Skull and WTWTA edits. I want to be approved by people that know what they are doing. I saved for that 16GB of Ram and the best video card i could find - i studied hours of you tube - read through the forums on how to rip bluray - i want to match the quality of edits on this site...i can wait.
 Im a busy man too - i have 3 daughters , i worked 60 hours last week so i fully understand. You guys do a top job - so im just glad you exist at all. It is my fault that i submitted a three hour long edit for my first time approval LOL.

I would be quite willing to pay a subscription of some sort.
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The list of edits being reviewed is now view able here.
More than anything, I wanted to chime in and add my +1 to the general support for and appreciation of everyone in the Academy who helps keep things going around here. As a viewer, the commitment to quality means that I know I won't have to worry about sub-standard or inexperienced editing in those edits that are approved, and as a faneditor the support, guidance and feedback I've received from members of the community here has been fantastic.
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