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A great re-imagining of the 2 Alien prequels which also succeeds in doing away with some of more confusing scenes, plot holes and character inconsistencies. I have no idea how well this would work for someone who has never before seen either Prometheus or Alien: Covenant, but from my perspective it was a very well conceived alternative and well worth the watch. The Covenant finale in particular was much improved and, being a Beatles fan, I appreciated some of the sneaky song placements! Wink

A minor qualm is that you could feel the 2.5 hour run time, but considering this is squishing 2 movies into one, the pacing is actually pretty good. Great job, JobWillins!

Edit: I initially gave this an 8 for video/audio quality, but have only just realised I was watching the 720p version (unaware there was anything better available). I've now downloaded the 1080p version and it looks much better!


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