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Stutter/Judder after render in VegasProp

I am really stumped.

I’ve been trying to edit a bluray movie through VegasPro for my first fanedit.  I rip the bluray to an mkv container then I use Xmedia Recode to turn the movie into an .mp4 file so that VegasPro can read it.

Everything seems fine while editing, but after I render the movie into .mp4 format the movie stutters during pan shots, particularly horizontal pan shots. 

I render using the “XDCAM EX” format because it renders into an .mp4 file and I use 24fps just like the source material, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  Should I render under a different format?  I've tried rendering under the "Video for Windows" format/template because it gives me an .avi file but it takes up a lot of space, the resulting video is blurry and I still have the juddering/stuttering.  I'd really appreciate your help.

Thank you,
I'd recommend a different conversion process for your source file. If you can extract the m2ts file you can can use it or create a lossless avi file and extract the surround sound files for the best audio and visual source results. I've actually found the best results in using the m2ts file and individual wav audio files.

I'd also recommend using the "Sony AVC/MVC" to create your MP4 files and Main Concept MPEG-2 to create high quality m2v files for use in DVD architect. WAV 5.1 doesn't like to render over 4gb in size so you can use Windows Media Audio v11 to create high quality 5.1 surround audio. You can use w64 wave files to produce lossless 5.1 but you'll need to transcode them inorder to use them in DVD architect.
Thanks for your feedback.  When I select Sony AVC/MVC the output file is an .avc file not an .mp4 file.  Am I looking in the wrong place or do I have my settings wrong?
Can you send a screenshot? There are multiple settings within that one. You need to choose o e that produces an mp4. All of my mp4 files are produces using the Sony AVC/MVC option.
(10-02-2017, 10:48 PM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: I've actually found the best results in using the m2ts file and individual wav audio files.

This. Vegas can usually handle the raw video m2ts file you find in your blu-ray's stream folder with no need to covert it to anything else. More often than not it can't read the audio streams though, so they will need prepping separately. It's by far the easiest way to achieve maximum results for Vegas beginners IMO.

However, Vegas can sometimes be a bit glitchy with m2ts files. So I prefer to convert to a lossless LagarithAVI file to ensure I have a problem free edit. A guide on how to do this can be found here in the tech sub-forum: ThrowgnCpr's guide to prepping a HD edit in Vegas (ripping & converting from Blu-ray)

It may take some time to master but you'll be glad you did.

Also, mp4, mkv and m2ts are "container" formats for a video stream. So if the blu-ray m2ts contains a Vegas compatible video stream, you could "mux" it into an mp4 container. This means the stream will not be altered or compressed, just contained in something else. There are guides for this in the tech forum. Again a LagAVI is preferable route.

(If any of the forum tech masters can explain better (I'm no expert) then please do Smile )
Thank you for the feedback.  Here's some screenshots...I hope this helps. Under Sony AVC/MVC the only templates that match my project setting turn out an .avc file as shown in screenshot 1.

The other screenshot shows .mp4 files that can be rendered under Sony AVC/MVC but they appear to be for small files and not match the quality of the XDCAM EX template I've been using.

Have you edited the settings? I rarely ever use the template settings. You should be allowed to customize each template. My main MP4 render settings use the Sony AVC/MVC settings but I change parameters to 1080p, MP4, 9,000,000-16,000,000 kbps cbr, 5.1 ac3

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