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Poll: What was your Favorite Edit in September 2017
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Game 2, The by maniac
1 7.14%
In Dreams by maniac
2 14.29%
Paradise by JobWillins
6 42.86%
Sinister: Recut by Agent Sam Stanley
0 0%
Vow of Sherlock, The by theryaney
5 35.71%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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September 2017 FEOTM is Live
Well done Jobwillins! I need to check this edit out too..
FYI to the community:

theryaney has been banned for one week for his actions in this contest.  He created an alternate account (TM3YC) to vote for his own edit.  This violates the rule against voting for your own edit and the rule against creating alternate accounts for any reason.  Furthermore, he lied to staff multiple times regarding his knowledge of the situation.

On the other hand, theryaney has been a good member of the community up until this point.  We took this into account when determining his punishment.  If he had been a troublemaker previously, he would have been banned much longer.

It is our sincere hope that he will learn from this incident and return to being the helpful and productive member he was previously once the ban is lifted.
Very disappointing to find he'd cheat like that...and I'd voted for his edit too Sad
I'm sure he regretted it soon after, maybe he had a couple of beers or something when he had the idea which caused his lapse in judgment. Lets move on when he comes back in the next few days.
He lied about it more than once over a several day span, so that's hardly an excuse even if true.
Would it have been acceptable for him to have hired Russian PR firms to try to sway the minds of the other registered voters on the forum?
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(11-11-2017, 11:41 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: Would it have been acceptable for him to have hired Russian PR firms to try to sway the minds of the other registered voters on the forum?

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Hi. I'm back. I would like to say sorry for my actions. i understand completely now that those are very very against this wonderful community's rules. To everyone, I hope I can be more help in the future, and I hope you can welcome me back. 

And as always, good editing forever.


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