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Adywan Wins August 2017 FEOTM
This is the discussion thread for Adywan Wins August 2017 FEOTM. Post away!
Unsurprising but absolutely, positively the best choice. Congrats, Adywan!

We barely had any edits in June/July, and then in August, we had a wealth of quality edits that ironically ended up against this one. All the editors did a terrific job that could have wound up the winner in a different month, so they can still hold their heads high!

While I'm sad that Adywan decided to give up on the prequels, I can completely understand him not wanting to devote the rest of his life to something that he doesn't love. So big kudos again to Adywan, and now it's time to wait (patiently, even if it's years) for RotJ!

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