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The ARROWVERSE (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends,etc)
[Image: Arrowverse-2018-Crosover-Release-Dates-I...crop&w=738]

The dates are set for the annual crossover event.
Interestingly, it appears Flash and Supergirl have swapped scheduled nights for the event.  My speculation:  I am guessing, as I don't think it has been confirmed yet, Batwoman will be based on Supergirl's Earth-38, thus Supergirl will have more significant role to play in this storyline compared to the previous two crossovers.  It would open the door to further team-ups between SG and BW, setting up the classic World's Finest dynamic.

In other news, Babylon 5's Bruce Boxlietner has replaced the previously announced Brent Spiner.  He will be playing the U.S. Vice President. We know the anti-alien movement will be a major story element this season, so hopefully, we will see a return of Lynda Carter  as the U.S. President and wrap up her storyline from season two?
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You know, just seeing that poster makes me wonder why has no one recreated the Original Justice League Cartoon opening with the Arrowverse characters? People would eat that up!
Great Rao!

What a wonderful, unexpected surprise -- Superman and Lois Lane will be part of the 3 Night Crossover!!! 

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As Zarius noted in the Arrow thread, Stephen Amell's wife Casandra Jean Amell has been cast as Nora Fries, the wife of classic Batman villain Mr. Freeze.   

In other crossover news, actress Elizabeth Tulloch has been cast as LOIS LANE.  Tulloch previously starred on the series GRIMM.
I think she is a solid choice.  It should make many fans happy, as many voiced concern that the CW would cast the role too young.  The show has established Superman is around 38-39 years old in the series, thus Lois should be his contemporary in age.


However, I also remember Cat Grant saying something about how she knew Lois when she was first starting out at the Daily Planet, and Flockhart is in her 50s?  Tongue

Superman Tyler Hoechlin has been cast in a Netflix series, which I can not remember the name of at the moment.  But will be being in another series limit future appearances as the Man of Steel on Supergirl?

Though maybe, this three part crossover will remove Superman from the series equation and put to rest the constant questioning by viewers why Superman never shows up to help Kara save the world? lol
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FLASH had it's season five premiere a few nights ago....


And as if I have to say it, yes there are SPOILERS, so read at your own peril....

This is easily my favourite season premiere since season two.  
Nora is absolutely adorable!  

While the villain of the week was forgettable, the episode as a whole was just pure FUN, with just the right amount of superhero soap and genuine feels.  Barry and Iris's reaction to discovering they will have a daughter in the future was wonderfully executed.  And Gusten's performance about wanting to be a parent was perfect.

The episode was loaded with comic booky references... Nora name drops Ryan Choi (the heir to the Atom, Ray Palmer)  and Lightning Lad -- (along with using the Legion swear of "Grife") which brings up the question is Nora a member of the Legion of Super Heroes (as she is in the comics) and is there a Legion on Earth-1 or does she cross parallel worlds, or even more geeky, does Nora come from a Post-Crisis timeline which has been teased since episode one?   Nora also using the slang "Schway" which is from Batman Beyond.   We also learn about the Flash Museum, the Flash Ring and the producers have fun with Ralph learning about time travel and explaining how Ralph is alive since he died in season one (pre-Flashpoint).  And finally, the saving of the plane by phasing it was lifted directly from the comics.  I love how Barry gave Nora the same speech Thawne gave him years ago.

And of course, we get a new suit after Barry goes through his last two versions in the episode.  Easily the most comic accurate version to date.  I love the brighter red and spandex-like look.  Though I have gotten so used to the chin strap it seems odd now not to see it.

As I said, this episode was so loaded with call backs and easter eggs, it felt more like an 100th episode special than just a season opener. I would give this premiere a very awesome 8 out of 10.

Oh and one last thing, in the 25 Years Later article, Batwoman is mentioned as fighting along Green Arrow, Elongated Man and Supergirl against the Reverse Flash and his shadow army....

Which leads to the first CW promo picture of Ruby Rose as Batwoman....
[Image: batwoman-costume-full.jpg]
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Season four of SUPERGIRL returned on Sunday...

And most of concerns from my season three review seemed to be addressed, particularly a return of the Catco work environment and more of Kara in her civilian identity.  We also saw a return of the return of the Alien Immigration storyline, along with Lynda Carter as the US President  (though it was obvious Carter and Benoist scenes were shot with body doubles and CGI... I am guessing scheduling conflict?  Maybe the Carter stuff was shot in L.A.?).  

It was an enjoyable episode, with a great opening sequence of Supergirl saving people all around the world.  I like the hard lesson Kara had to learn about balancing Hope and Optimism against the irrational everyday growing threat of Fear and Hatred.  In someways, the returning alien immigration storyline feels similar to the classic X-Men mutant allegory.  Anyway, I am happy to see the return of this story element and have the show wear it's politics proudly.

As usual, the show does not know what to do with James Olson... it could have used his Guardian trial as a platform to explore what makes one a hero?  Why is Supergirl hailed while Guardian feared?  But no, this plot line was quickly shuffled away aside in favour of exploring Lena's path down the dark side.

Rhona Mitra joined the cast as the villains Mercy Graves, along with Robert Baker playing her brother Otis.  They make a fun pair and I think they could bring some much needed over the top villainy to the show...

We were also introduced to the mysterious Agent of Liberty (played by Doomsday lol), this season's Big Bad?  

Alex had some good scenes with Brainy (though why is he always in Human form and not green?  oh wait, tv budget...) and the new pacifist J'onn brought an interesting fresh dynamic to his relationship with Supergirl.

As I said, I found it an enjoyable season premiere and I am excited to see where it goes from here.

In other news, the 3 part crossover, entitled ELSEWORLDS, dropped this very intriguing poster today...

[Image: the-flash-is-green-arrow-and-green-arrow...rmat=1500w]

...and this pic of Superman dropped the day before...
[Image: Elseworlds-Arrowverse-Crossover-Superman...ostume.jpg]
....hhmmmm.... death of Superman?  Evil Superman?
Big Grin
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New pic
(Yesterday, 01:33 AM)Zarius Wrote: New pic

Can't get the link to work.... did you maybe mean this pic?
[Image: mhUYqSJl.jpg]
...a trip to Smallville?
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
The granddaddy of the Arrowverse returned on Monday with it's seventh season premiere.

While boasting some truly brutal and amazing fight scenes (director/stuntman James Bamford is incredible what he achieves each week on this show, and the episodes he directs are mind-blowing when it comes to tv fight choreography) this episode felt a bit subdued for a season premiere as it set up the new status quo...
--Ollie in prison trying to keep his head down
--Felicity and William in witness protection
--Dinah now the police force captain and trying to restore the city's faith
--Rene running a gym for troubled kids
--Earth-2 Laurel is now DA 
--Diggle is working for Argus and searching for Diaz
--Curtis is now an Argus Tech guy

...and then, a new mysterious Green Arrow shows up, hunting down arms dealers.

oh, and we have a return to the Island, except the twist is now the show is doing Flash FORWARDS -- 20 years in the future, a grown William is seeking out Roy on the Island.

There is a lot going on in this episode, but Ollie's prison plot is the driving force and Amell gives a fantastic performance.  

The mystery of who the new Green Arrow is?   And how does it all connect to a subplot taking place 20 years in the future?  The producers have stated the flashforwards will be a permanent part of the series... and Amell is contracted for 8 seasons, so you do the math (then again, the CW's Supernatural was originally planned only for five seasons).   Based on the flash forwards, some fans have speculated Time Travel may become part of the show and the new GA is William from the future.  Though if you have time travel, why couldn't it be Diggle's son from 2046?  If not time travel, it could be Roy, though why would he return after the Happy Ending send-off last season?   Could it be Malcolm Merlyn? Off screen death means never truly dead LOL.  Or someone else completely?

On the whole, this episode had a nice return to character focus, some deep emotional beats and reset the board for new stories.  

Next week, the Legends return, and the extended trailer made me howl with laughter...
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(Yesterday, 07:59 AM)bionicbob Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:33 AM)Zarius Wrote: New pic

Can't get the link to work.... did you maybe mean this pic?
[Image: mhUYqSJl.jpg]
...a trip to Smallville?

That's the one, I could'nt get it to work when I posted it

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